Estefi Berardi admitted that Federico Bal looks nice to him, but ignored why she would never be in a relationship with him

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Stephanie Berardi He gave details of his relationship with Frederick Bal after rumors of an alleged deal with him in the midst of the actor’s scandalous parting and Sophia Aldreihis partner since 2019, who would have discovered numerous infidelities.

In detail, the speaker of THEY (America, at age 20) e very morning (Ciudad Magazine, at 10) intervened in the cycle led by Carmen Barbieri of the sayings of Marcello Torothat this Wednesday in intruders (America, 1.30 pm) has romantically linked her to Federico.

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“I fell into the flip because just during the weekend I went to Carlos Paz (where the actor plays in Extravagant boots), we went to Faith, we all show up togetherand we went to an event where we were hired because we both work in the same agency,” explained Berardi.

Estefi Berardi spoke in depth about his relationship with Federico Bal.  Television capture

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Estefi Berardi spoke in depth about his relationship with Federico Bal. Television capture

“I think it’s news because garpa, because that weekend i was there and i work with you“, Carmen said, looking into her eyes. And she pointed, visibly angry: “I would have liked Marcela to ask me (before saying).”

Then the ex Fight (El Nueve) recalled that this is not the first time she has been involved in a love relationship with the actor. “At one point they launched it at the beginning of very morning Why I’ve always been a friend and we’ve gone to thousands of parties“, He added.

And about his quarrel with his classmate THEY Yanina Latorre, who claimed to have caught her chatting with Fede, said: “I don’t know what it has, but it’s not my chats. I won’t take responsibility for something I didn’t do!”

Soon after, the speaker read the statement she had shared hours earlier in her stories about instagram to alert any requests to those who broadcast their conversations. And when he was done, when asked by Carmen, she assured him she has not reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, politician Mauricio Colello.

“And in your opinion Fede is cute?”Pampito Perelló Aciar asked him. “Oh poor thing, don’t make me say… yes, he’s cute,” Berardi replied, his face flushed with embarrassment.

Carmen Barbieri listened carefully to her rapporteur's defense.  Television capture

Carmen Barbieri listened carefully to her rapporteur’s defense. Television capture

However, he quickly clarified: “It’s not my type but why I never liked the kids on television, the famous… I always dated low profile guys… a person who is not the middle one brings you down to earth…”.

And he closed, decided: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Carmen, it’s this if they criticize it is because there is envy And I just can’t stop growing.”

Estefi Berardi’s full statement

“I have received information of the existence of alleged chats in which I am irresponsibly involved with third parties when they have never been done by me. The dissemination of alleged and non-existent interviews attributed to me via private mail and private chats is illegal”.

Estefi Berardi's download on his social networks.

Estefi Berardi’s download on his social networks.

“Therefore, pursuant to Law 25326, the provisions of the Penal Code of the Nation and article 52 of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation, I inform you that the dissemination of the same, I repeat, is false and attributed to my person by irresponsibly and with the sole purpose of harming myself to the detriment of my personal dignity will motivate the initiation of criminal and civil actions for damages that by law correspond to the liability of Fernando Burlando AND Martin Leguizamonwho already have instructions for them.”

Source: Clarin

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