Anna Chiara del Boca’s father has broken his silence after being fired for sexual abuse

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Ricardo Biasotti he was fired later in 2019 Anna Chiara del Bocathe daughter with whom he has in common Andrew del Bocca, reported him for aggravated sexual abuse. The businessman broke his silence and talked about his current situation.

Anna Chiara’s father spoke for the first time in intruders (America, Monday-Friday at 1:30 p.m.), explained why the resolution took more than three years, reviewed the his conflicts with the actress and he was very worried about his daughter, who in 2022 defended herself vigorously after a judge declared the complaint “unfounded”.

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I am very calm. Of course it gives me a lot of peace. Beyond the peace of mind that I have had all the time because I know the reality of the facts, a criminal trial always has its uncertainty,” said the man who explained that the pandemic has slowed down the process.

Ricardo Biasotti spoke about the denunciation of Anna Chiara del Boca.  Catch TV.

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Ricardo Biasotti spoke about the denunciation of Anna Chiara del Boca. Catch TV.

“An accusation of this nature is not easy to bear, more when it’s from your daughter and more when you know it’s all made up. This exposes you socially, professionally and causes you inconvenience on all levels. It’s not easy,” he acknowledged.

Biasotti then attacked the daughter’s mother and recalled that when Anna Chiara was just four months old, she had to go to court for be able to recognize him civilly and judicially and occupy his role as a father.

“For four months Anna was an N/N, she was not registered to prevent me from recognizing her,” she recounted in the América cycle. And she continued: “Dad had to be erased, had to be made to disappear. It was a way to have absolute autonomy and control of Anna’s life from an early age.”

Anna Chiara Del Boca.  Instagram photos.

Anna Chiara Del Boca. Instagram photos.

“Anna was destined to reproduce the life of Andrea (del Boca), to repeat history. Andrea had had a very successful professional history but he already needed a replacement and what’s better than a daughter. And a father present was a hindrance, because my idea was that he has a normal life, that he can go to school,” she said.

“Since I was twenty, I have endured. Myself I was reported for violence, for kidnapping, for threatsboth judicial and media. Which does you a lot of damage, more when you are not a show person”, said the interviewee who clarified that he has always been acquitted of all complaints both in the first and second instance and in civil and criminal matters.

In this context, Biasotti assured that the situation causes him great sadness, even if over time he has learned to live with these situations and move on with his life.

Anna Chiara del Boca and her mother, Andrea del Boca.  Instagram.

Anna Chiara del Boca and her mother, Andrea del Boca. Instagram.

Ricardo Biasotti was very worried about his daughter Anna Chiara

In dialogue with the cycle of America, Ricardo Biasotti He clarified that he was available to rebuild the relationship with Anna Chiara, whom he hasn’t seen for 13 years. And he explained that he wanted to accompany her right now.

Furthermore, the interviewee expressed the love he has for his daughter and admitted that he was worried about her. “She grew up stigmatized”, he indicated. “Here the victim wasn’t me, it was Anna too,” he reiterated.

In this context, the man explained that he has not seen his daughter since 2009 and that he has only met her twice in all this time.

biasotti was very worried about Anna Chiara Del Boca.  Instagram.

biasotti was very worried about Anna Chiara Del Boca. Instagram.

“I have no contact with Anna, this complaint appeared out of nowhere. This is an infamous denunciation, it is a miserable act. An offense has been created here and a complaint has been filed. And then the story was created that they went out to promote by all means,” he assured.

“I am your father and I’d like to accompany Anna. I think he needs to reinvent himself, to find his own truth, his own autonomy in life,” he reflected.

And he continued: “She he is in a symbiotic relationship and has lost that autonomy that by right we should have all human beings”.

“I hope he can do that research and be successful. I am available if I can help and accompany you in this process, but it depends on you, you are an adult woman, “he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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