Lali González is encouraged to make the leap from actress to host and will help find a partner with horoscope data

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She is one of the most internationally recognized Paraguayan actresses, especially after her role in the award-winning film 7 boxes, from 2012, with which he toured festivals around the world and was also his letter of introduction in Argentina. But lali gonzálezFurthermore, here he achieved greater popularity when, in 2021, he led the cast of Polka strip, The 1.5/18. Now she is back as a host.

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The actress, born in Asunción 36 years ago, will lead a new cycle on ElTrece, What’s your sign? from Monday 13 February, 2.30 pm, in which the participants will try to find a partner, based on the characteristics of the zodiac signs.

Paraguayan actress Lali Gonzalez tried on the hostess dress from this Monday with ¿De qué signo sos?  by ElTrece.  Photo: Andres D'Elia

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Paraguayan actress Lali Gonzalez tried on the hostess dress from this Monday with ¿De qué signo sos? by ElTrece. Photo: Andres D’Elia

As she has done on other occasions, the actress has settled with her almost 4-year-old daughter in Buenos Aires, while her husband comes and goes so as not to neglect the artistic production house that they both have created in Paraguay.

“I’ve been coming and going for work for almost 10 years. After the repercussion with the film 7 boxes, I made three films in Argentina and in one, PlayerI received specific training to interpret the Buenos Aires accent,” says Lali.

Work challenges

Apparently, in Argentina he has to face particular work challenges, given that Polka was his first streak and now, with What’s your sign? You her debut as a presenter arrives. In addition, some celebrities will be present in the program, representing the elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth and who will help the participants in the search for the ideal candidate.

Those who will form the different teams are Aníbal Pachano, Adabel Guerrero, the draftsman Jorge Rey, Virginia Gallardothe model and the host Martina Bandsmodel and issuer Axel Nerisinger and drag La Queen, Ailén Bechara, Mica Lapegüe, Nico Maiquesdriver Juani Martínezthe influencer Mariano de la Canal, Matilde Blanco AND imanol rodriguez.

-What interested you in the proposal to decide to debut as a presenter and do it in another country?

I think I was driven by fear. As an actress you protect yourself in a character, but you drive and I have always refused to drive for fear of that responsibility: it’s my position, these are my words. Also, it’s a challenging pace, you can’t miss it. Maybe I wasn’t ready before. Also, it was very difficult for me to shape my film career and I am jealous of the path I was picking up.

Lali Gonzalez, actress, director, producer, now also host with a new cycle in ElTrece, Photo: Andres D'Elia

Lali Gonzalez, actress, director, producer, now also host with a new cycle in ElTrece, Photo: Andres D’Elia

-Did you feel you could be very exposed?

It was like taking a leap. Even though I’m fearful and attached to my family, at the same time I’m quite adventurous which is why I found it a challenge. I said to myself: “What if I can?” With a larger audience, where they know me less and not knowing the reaction the audience can have here, it made me feel more free to encourage and accept. Sometimes away from home you feel freer.

-Perhaps there are fewer prejudices, because it is less known.

-Completely. In Paraguay they know me better – it’s a smaller company, I can’t deny that in my country I am very loved and people are very good and kind to me, but when I enter another public there is a feeling of freedom that I like .

Did the proposal take you by surprise?

-I was at a stage when I was a judge in a Paraguayan television talent show and I remember saying to my husband: “It seems to me that I will leave TV, there is no case, because it tires me a lot. And if you continue, I’m alive, there’s a lot of pressure.” And that’s when he called me Adrián Suar.

-Great timing!

-As well as. I expected him to give me a bad character, which makes me want to, but no. I told him I felt like there were spectacular female riders in Argentina, because I’ve been training and watching Argentine television all my life. I’m a fan of all the programs by Antonio Gasalla and Norma Pons, for example.

“I found out more about the zodiac”

Lali Gonzalez facing the new driving challenge.  Photo: Andres D'Elia

Lali Gonzalez facing the new driving challenge. Photo: Andres D’Elia

-What was the first thing you thought when you heard the proposal?

-When Adrián told me what the program is about, my head immediately went back to 1993 when I was watching Roberto Galán’s program with my grandmother, I want to get married, in all the naps of my life. She was a widow and we never missed the show. She was very strong.

Did that memory move you?

-The truth that yes, a lot. While there are many dating apps out there today, there are people who don’t feel it out there, and we can’t judge where everyone wants to go looking for love. If there are people looking for it on TV, why not?

-Sometimes the networks don’t work. And seeing someone on a cell phone screen for the first time isn’t the same as in person, even in a TV studio.

– It’s a whole other feeling. And the whole aggregate of astrology is added to it, which seems to me to be very widespread here. Until now I knew the basics of the zodiac but not much more – I just know that I’m a Capricorn and now I’ve discovered more things and I find it very interesting. And if that will make love triumph, it’s welcome.

-Whether it was a program to find a partner, was that what you decided?

-In such hostile times for television and with so much terrible news around the world, I liked the idea of ​​love as a place to feel identified, with the participant or the candidate or the famous, to rest our lie and have fun and fall in love, which is no small thing.

Register and live in Buenos Aires

-How is the experience in the first recordings going?

-From the first day they made me feel like the captain of the ship, they treated me very well and if you are happy where you work, with good treatment among colleagues, everything goes better. And I try to convey that to the whole team.

Lali Gonzalez the new presenter of ElTrece with the cycle

Lali Gonzalez the new presenter of ElTrece with the cycle “What sign are you?” Photo: Andres D’Elia

– Surely the experience will be very enriching for your work as an actress.

– Without a doubt, and not only as an actress but also as a person. I’m a lawyer, I welcomed myself with honors, at the same time I welcomed myself as an actress. I worked in the Paraguayan judiciary and at the time I resented it a bit because I felt it took years to devote it to acting, but then I realized that the path that gave me work opened my eyes to many things.

-Knowledge and experience always add up, no matter what area they are in.

-That’s why this challenge, personally, is so important to me. My daughter Rafaela is about to turn 4 and being with her here is the real challenge: she goes to school, her father comes and goes because he has a job there, with our production company. And she is happy and that makes me happy.

-Do you like life in Buenos Aires as a city?

-I love it. When I came for a year to the polka strip, the pandemic was still there and I had to live locked up and couldn’t enjoy it. Today I live another Buenos Aires, without masks. In a city like this, only those who want to get bored. I go to meditate in the woods of Palermo: I have to prepare myself mentally for such a big city, with my little girl and work.

-You are an actress, you direct, you produce and you are also summoned from other Latin American countries. What would you like for your future job?

-I’ve also worked in Colombia, Brazil and Honduras, and the most important thing is being able to make your dreams come true, flags don’t count. I wish that if someone feels connected to me, they also feel they can. If someone like me who comes from a smaller culture industry has managed to make it happen, I feel it is very important to convey as a message. Artists are citizens of the world.

“Here I don’t feel like I’m in another country”

Lali Gonzalez.  L

Lali Gonzalez. The Paraguayan actress in “La 1-5/18”, the El Trece strip.

-How do you feel with the Argentinean public?

-You always go back to the places where you were happy and I went back to Argentina because of the warmth of the audience that I felt when I did the polka strip. Here I don’t feel like I’m in another country, people make me feel at home, on the street and in the workplace.

-Which Argentinian conductors were your references?

-Susana Giménez and Mirtha Legrand, of course. With my mom we never missed a program. I have very fresh memories because I come from a time when we watched a lot of television. I also like the freshness of Juana Viale: she has something relaxed that makes her authentic.

-Does your style go there anymore?

-I’m crazy (laughs) you’ll see, I don’t think of a style. That’s exactly me and sometimes I worry and say, “Why are they letting me do this?” I’m having fun. At the same time, I’m quite demanding with the pace of work with myself and with my colleagues, and even more so if I’m in charge of a schedule. I know I have a strong and demanding character but this is not incompatible with good vibes.

Are you very obsessive with details?

I am a director and producer. It is clear to me that there is something fundamental which is discipline, but also respect for your partner, because you have to show yourself as a team, be empathetic and respectful of people who come looking for love. I am very grateful to the Argentine public and it makes me happy to bet on making a love program in such a difficult moment, I think it is positive. Love is always good.

jump into the void

The actress can attest to the love is good, as she’s been in a relationship for twelve years, and with her husband, Walter Riveros, they have a producer of musical shows, plays, and doing projects for marketing companies, among other things . For this reason she assures that, despite the inflation in Argentina, she can afford to work here, with an unfavorable exchange rate.

“Right now the Paraguayan currency is much better and the truth is that it doesn’t pay me much financially, but it pays me back personally, like working in the television industry here, which is priceless,” he says.

And she adds: “Now I give priority to an experience as a person, as a mother, as an actress, since I can give myself this opportunity. In 20 years I will remember this experience”.

While pregnant, Lali started writing a one-woman show, Crazy, which one day he would like to take on an internship in Buenos Aires. “It seems to me that a person who dares to fulfill her dream and go a little further is crazy,” she says.

“We must take the leap into the void, with faith but with training. As everyone can, it is essential to be on the move. The rest, if done with love and truth, must go well”, he concludes.

Source: Clarin

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