Roberto Peloni and Emiliano Dionisi return to share the work, with corrosive humor and a lot of irony

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Both have established careers in the Buenos Aires theater scene, especially in musicals. Now they are back together for a new project, the sproutThat premiere on Monday 13 February at the Teatro del Pueblo. It is a solo show written and directed by Emiliano Dionisi with Roberto Peloni in the title role.

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After several projects together, in the official theater and in the commercial circuit, such as the Cyrano from herewhich passed by the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, e Caracu bone AND In the meantimetwo productions that were presented at El Picadero, Roberto Peloni and Emiliano Dionisi once again share the work, one above and one below the stage with the sprout.

The epidemic, Roberto Peloni protagonist of the personal exhibition of Emiliano Dionisi,

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The epidemic, Roberto Peloni protagonist of the personal exhibition of Emiliano Dionisi,

The questions it raises

In this case, work revolves around an actor who begins to blur the lines between fiction and reality and now he distrusts those who write the events of his life. It raises questions like what kind of character are we in our story?

The universe of the theater, the actors, the essays, the plays and their characters act as a framework for investigating the emotions in people’s daily lives and their inevitable overflows.

The protagonist is a cunning man, a bit twisted but full of sensitivity and desires. What happens when things don’t start to go according to plan? Jealousy and frustration seem to be around the corner.

With corrosive humor and a lot of irony, the sproutimmerses viewers into the world of the performing arts to tell everyone’s story and ask if we are minor characters in our own lives, as well as serve as a tribute to theater and artists.

The outbreak, the duo of Roberto Peloni and Emiliano Dionisi, at the Teatro del Pueblo

The outbreak, the duo of Roberto Peloni and Emiliano Dionisi, at the Teatro del Pueblo

Robert Peloni

Peloni, one of the most important performers of his generation, was the winner of the most important and prestigious Argentine theater awards throughout his career. Siglo de Oro Trans, Shrek the musical, Lost Men’s Cabaret, La Parka, Sweeney Todd, The Rocky Horror Show, Beauty and the Beast AND The Phantom of the Opera.

He has also worked in television where he participated, with his own characters as in Rock of Morphi and, at the cinema within the films My masterpiece AND The shadow of the cat.

Emiliano Dionisi

For his part, Dionisi is author, director and co-founder of the Compañía Criolla. Some of his works are Siesta Time Memories, Attachment, Dream, Mabel, a Scottish Tragicomedy, Comedy of Horrors, Pocket Romeo and Juliet, Fools, Lost Again, Out of Sight AND The monstersamong other works, also awarded and recognized.

His texts have been published in the Dominican Republic, Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and Spain. And in 2015, his book was published Classical theater adapted for youth and adolescentsan audience to which Dionisi has dedicated many successful works.

He worked as an actor at the San Martín of Macbeth, Babylon, Bread of Folly, Galileo Galilei and, in the commercial circuit in a beast on the moon and also independent theater with works such as Ivan and the Dogs, The Inverted, The Brothers Karamazov, Man to Man, Mad DoctorMoreover.

Produced by Compañía Criolla, the sprout It has performances on Mondays at 9pm at the Teatro del Pueblo, Lavalle 3636, with tickets for $2,500.

Source: Clarin

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