Raw post from Maxi López’s girlfriend about her pregnancy: ‘I don’t feel comfortable’

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32 weeks of pregnancy, Daniela Cristiansonpartner of Maxi López, has decided to share the complications you are experiencing during the gestation process with an extensive video and heartfelt reflection.

The Swedish model has made a collection of different situations that she has experienced in recent months and posted it on her Instagram account, where accumulates 233 thousand followers.

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“Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world but: I’ve already gained 15 kg. in 7 months. I have marks that won’t go away! I have varicose veins, I have cellulite. While I take care of my body, I train and pamper myself,” she began her post.

Some images from Daniela Christiansson's post on her networks.

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Some images from Daniela Christiansson’s post on her networks.

“I have reflux, bloating. I don’t feel comfortable sitting, lying down or standing. My body hurts, everything weighs me down, I have complications. Sometimes I have fears, doubts, I can be nervous and cry,” continued the model.

And along with the videos that show her exercising or looking in the mirror, she reflected: “But honestly, all this doesn’t bother me. Everything is normal and will be fine. I accept and embrace all of this with love. I prepare physically and mentally I educate myself, I read and learn a lot, I feel strong and positive.”

“I’m happy pregnant, I’m full of love And I pass it on to my baby. The most beautiful experience that awaits me and without a doubt even more difficult than pregnancy, but it doesn’t scare me, I really want it. Because my mind is stronger than anything, I’m serene,” added the model.

Daniela Christiansson with Maxi López, with whom she has been in a relationship for 9 years.

Daniela Christiansson with Maxi López, with whom she has been in a relationship for 9 years.

Finally, Daniela gave advice to her followers: “Yes, being pregnant, creating a child, is actually something that depends almost entirely on the mother for 9 months. But it’s the most natural thing in the world! Don’t push yourself! You are doing your best! You are capable and you have the strength! Remember this too and enjoy every moment.

Daniela, who in addition to modeling is a fervent ecological and environmental activist, has been in a relationship with the footballer since mid-2014.

It should be remembered that López already He is the father of Valentino, Costantino and Benedetto, fruit of his marriage to Wanda Nara.

Daniela and Maxi’s original baby gender announcement

In November, the couple planned a fun way to reveal the gender of their upcoming baby.

Along with a video involving López’s three children, the couple wrote: “And it’s… swipe left. We’re sharing so much happiness that even Kika jumps with excitement! Watch her reaction and happiness at the end of video.” .

In the images you can see Valentino and Benedicto holding respectively a pink and a blue balloon. While Constantine has a ball and on three he kicks it in the air and a ball falls pink rain to announce that a girl will be born.

Maxi López, his children, and his wife Daniela Christiansson with whom he will share his first daughter.  Photo: Instagram

Maxi López, his children, and his wife Daniela Christiansson with whom he will share his first daughter. Photo: Instagram

In the video, the whole family embraces and celebrates the big news while the dog, Kika, jumps with her super excited owners.

The footballer proposed to Daniela at her 30th birthday party. There, in front of all the guests, the former footballer he surprised the model by giving her the ring and she immediately said yes. But they haven’t gone down the aisle yet, nor do they have a date set for their wedding.

Source: Clarin

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