The Argentina challenge: Fernando and Carolina were on the verge of being the first eliminated

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Although the program for the premiere of The challenge Argentina, the challenge It was announced for 21:15 on the Telefe screen, from 19:00 almost all the players gathered in a cafe to experience the first program live and attend a party after the debut broadcast, which he had 15 points to start and finished with more than 23.

with the guide Marleythe cycle has 18 famous participants who go to the lawyer Fernando Burlandothe nutritionist Adrian Corillotthe boxer Caroline Duer also the former Uruguayan footballer Rodrigo Morawho will try to keep the win and the maximum prize: 15 million pesos.

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Even the cook participates Rodrigo Cascon; actresses and models María Fernanda Callejón, Claudia Albertario, Virginia Elizalde, Florencia Tesouro, Sol Pérez, Eva Bargiela and Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez; the influencers Lizardo Ponce, Oky and Julieta Puenteand the actors Lionel Ferro, “Yeyo” De Gregorio and Benjamin Alfonso.

Marley leads The Challenge Argentina, the challenge, in which 18 participants compete.

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Marley leads The Challenge Argentina, the challenge, in which 18 participants compete.

The program finally kicked off at 9:30pm when Marley said the first season of the cycle was opening in Argentina and welcomed the contestants. “There are 15 million pesos for whoever wins. In addition, the winner will participate in the first World Cup Challenge, which offers hundreds of thousands of dollars.“, anticipated the driver.

Afterwards, Marley explained that each competition was done in pairs, so they should achieve great energy between the two participants. Especially considering this the choice was made through a device called Algorithm, who formed pairs at random. “You can never repeat the pair during the game,” she clarified.

Immediately afterwards, the nine pairs were drawn to compete the following day: Yeyo and Jujuy It was the first pie and fernanda The second one. Fernando with Carolinathird. blueberry and sun was next. Benjamin and Virginia the fifth. Lucerdo and Claudia It was another of the couples that formed. ok and julia they were the seventh. While the last two were those of adro and eve and of Floppy and Rodrigo.

Participants of The Challenge Argentina compete for 15 million pesos.  Television capture

Participants of The Challenge Argentina compete for 15 million pesos. Television capture

The first challenge: finding the best bed

Once the pairs were formed, Marley showed them what the house in which they would live was like. “The rooms are not all the same. Go to each one and choose yours”he challenged them.

“I don’t like the bed I have. I’m used to living well and this can get complicated”Mockingly complained about the place that touched him.

“I don’t come from the background and I don’t know them all, so I don’t know what I’ll find,” ex-River Plate footballer Rodrigo Mora was honest, while he uncorked a bottle of champagne and sprayed his new companions.

After occupying one of the available beds each, the participants took care of the preparation of the food and rest facing what came the next daythat was the first test.

The first game was The Lethal Pattern

The first game was called The lethal scheme. One of the team had to balance lifting a tent, while the other had to memorize the look of the board where it hung from, and then they had to rebuild it. “The couple that loses will go to the disqualification arena”Marley warned them before starting.

Juli and Oky won the first challenge.  Television capture

Juli and Oky won the first challenge. Television capture

The strategies of the competitors were quite different. Some repeated the colors they saw as they ran from one post to another, which was 800 meters from one to another. While others didn’t even have time to see the figures and distinguish the colors, so it was difficult for them to finish the game.

Yeyo and Jujuy were the first to complete the lower floor, but later they were filled with doubts when it came to continuing. The same thing happened to the rest of the participants, who couldn’t memorize the shapes and colors they had seen in the previous figure.

Then everyone repeated the round several times and tried to memorize what they had seen a few minutes before to combine colors and shapes. Juli and Oky were the first to complete the figure and celebrated with a “streamer” dance. Sol and Morita were in second place, while Yeyo and Jujuy were third.

Adro and Eva finished in fourth place and dedicated it “To all those who didn’t trust this couple”. Then it was the turn of Floppy and Rodri. Sixth place was taken by Virgie and Benja. Seventh Lizardo and Claudia, while the definition of last place was between Fernando and Carolina on one side and Fernanda with Lío on the other.

Towards the end of the test, Fernanda got hurt, so Lío decided to take her on a litter so she could reach the goal. This generated applause from her peers. And that’s how they completed the figure and came in eighth place. “We did it,” Callejón said through tears, leaving Fernando and Carolina in last place.

Afterwards, Marley congratulated the winning duo Oky and Juli, and called for a round of applause for Fernando and Carolina, who finished last. “You will be the first couple to face off to see who gets eliminated”warned them.

Before the closing of the programme, the winning couple found out that they will have to choose Fernando and Carolina’s opponents for the following day. “Today we’re all gonna suck our socks”Juli told her partner with a laugh, assuming no one wants to enter the competition to see who’s first eliminated.

Source: Clarin

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