Sophie Oliver, the Argentinian who quit Disney, went to London, walked the dogs and revived her career as a pop artist

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eight years ago, Sophia Oliver He left a successful past on Disney Channel and decided to travel to Europe. She ended up staying in London, where relaunched her career with several singles and an albumincluding a recent version of the hit Running up that hill and a cover of the classic Forbidden love by Selena, in urban cumbia style.

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Now he is preparing another cut, and will soon be traveling to Los Angeles to record his second album with the producer Ronnie Kingwho has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Coolio, The Offspring and Mariah Carey.

Sophie Oliver, from Disney Channel to her career as a pop singer.

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Sophie Oliver, from Disney Channel to her career as a pop singer.

The beginnings and the game

Born in the city of San Fernando, her beginnings in music were from the age of 14 in the program little singerthe 4 Queens group, High School Musical: the selection AND Clarilu’s garden. She has also done backing vocals for artists such as Axel.

“Actually – she says by telephone from England- I started traveling because I needed space in my head. My idea wasn’t to end up here in London, but they offered me accommodation and then I got a job. Inadvertently five years passed when I left my career, where I had previously been on Disney Channel, it was a change of course.

Sophie Oliver will soon go to Los Angeles to record her second album, with some tracks in English.

Sophie Oliver will soon go to Los Angeles to record her second album, with some songs in English.

-It happens to many Disney artists that after several years of work they need a break.

-Yes just like this. It was intense. In High school musicals we were in a school from morning to night, and then with Clarilu’s garden It was also intense because it was three seasons and we had a contract where we couldn’t do much outside of that. But it was nice because they taught me a lot and I grew up a lot professionally. In High school musicals she was the villain’s friend, from Delphi. It’s inside Clarilu it was the letter C of ABC.

dog trainer

-What job did you find in England?

-I didn’t know English very well and I opened a small school for dogs, they were the only ones I could communicate with. She collected them, trained them and left them at home when their parents returned from work. She started to go very well for me and I even bought my first house, obviously with a mortgage. Here the dogs are part of the family, they are taken great care of and people spend a lot of money on them.

Sophie Oliver arrived in London quite by accident and stayed.  She runs a dog school and has resumed her music career.

Sophie Oliver arrived in London quite by accident and stayed. She runs a dog school and has resumed her music career.

It was a beautiful experience and luckily, thank the universe, it went well for me, but there was one thing that didn’t turn me off, which was not making music. That’s why I sang again.

-What was the first success of this new stage?

-It was a bit difficult at the beginning and it’s still difficult. I’d closed my networks for five years, then started from scratch, even more so as an independent musician. I had to learn this new thing about networks, be seen and be different, which is very difficult. Before, you’d win a contest and be on TV, but now everyone’s on TV because they make their own videos and upload them.

I started with the song James, that I wrote it to my little dog, and I was doing more things, step by step, until I started telling life stories on my Instagram. That’s when the videos started going viral. People liked it and little by little I showed my music.

going to the new album

The cover of Sophie Oliver

The cover of Sophie Oliver’s cover of Kate Bush’s hit “Running up that hill”.

-What are your current plans?

-Little ago the cover of Forbidden love, by Selena, and now I’m getting ready because I’m writing my next album. I’m going to Los Angeles with a producer I can’t believe, Ronnie King, who has worked with Snoop Dogg and Tupac. He is a good friend of Luciano, El Tirri, of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. And very soon, March 3, I will release a new song called Magnetic.

It’s a song I wrote a year ago, which tells a true love at first sight story. I had the opportunity to do it in collaboration with Agus Casano, an Argentinian singer with whom we recorded the video clip in Buenos Aires in December. I’m stuffed!

-These last singles will be in the next album?

-These last songs won’t be included in the next album, which will be a transition between Spanish and some English, because I’ve been living in England for eight years and I want to open up a bit more to sing here. If I sing in Spanish people like it, but it’s difficult for them because they don’t understand it well. Although all my listeners are in LATAM, I will start broadening my range so I can sing here as well.

-And there is no audience in the Latin community?

-There are quite a few Latinos here in London, but sometimes it’s difficult because you’re Argentinian and they don’t take you for Latin. You are very Spanish to be English and very Argentinian to be Latino, so I’m touring Argentina and Uruguay. Here I have a cumbia band run in the Latino community. I’m like in the middle of everything. I’m looking for my little place little by little.

-How did it go with the song in English, the version of “Running up that hill”?

-The truth is that he really liked it. It’s a song I used to like but of course I made it because it resurfaced with the series stranger things. I know it was a bit sold out, but I decided to do Sophie Oliver’s version, a little more danceable and with a little Spanish part in the middle, which was what people liked the most. So I’m happy with the repercussion.

-Summing up, the strong bet is the new song and the next album.

-That’s how. Magnetic and the next record, which in a few days I’ll be in Los Angeles. Mine is pop, Latin pop. I love pop. I like to make people dance and make them happy.

Source: Clarin

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