The doctor who operated on Silvina Luna in the United States spoke

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As we recently learned, Silvina Luna is going through a very worrying health situation: forced to undergo dialysis three times a week because her kidneys have stopped working, she is waiting for a transplant.

Her problems started after the cosmetic surgery she had Hannibal Lotocki that she and other patients -Pamela Sosa, Stefi Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trenchi- brought to justice. The doctor was convicted of serious injuries, but his conviction is not yet final.

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As for the drama that Silvina Luna is facing these days, in THEY they interviewed Cristian Pérez Latorre, the doctor who operated on the actress in the United Stateswhere he lives and works, to try to alleviate the damage caused to his body by the surgery that Lotocki had performed on him for aesthetic purposes.

Silvina Luna: Cristian Pérez Latorre managed to improve it for a while, but his kidney doesn't work anymore.  Catch TV.

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Silvina Luna: Cristian Pérez Latorre managed to improve it for a while, but his kidney doesn’t work anymore. Catch TV.

In conversation with Cristian Pérez Latorre, from Los Angeles, Ángel De Brito asked him how he had reacted “when you learned about Silvina and the transplant”. “The truth is that I felt very bad,” replied the doctor. “In 2015 or 2016, here in Los Angeles, we did endoscopic surgery to remove some of the material he had“.

“Surprisingly, when we remove some of the material and send it to analyze, the lab report said it was slow-setting calcium alginate. This is what dental technicians use,” he added.

“We try to do the best job possible – continued the doctor -. For a while Silvina was better. She came here to Los Angeles through her personal physician Diego Lowenstein. She felt better at first and did very well. But, unfortunately, what these types of substances develop are autoimmune diseases. I’ve said that since I started fighting Lotocki when I was there in Argentina.”

Cristian Pérez Latorre: "The filler that was given to Silvina is not approved by the FDA or by the

Cristian Pérez Latorre: “The filler that was given to Silvina is not approved by the FDA or ANMAT.” Catch TV.

“I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I said they (the ones Lotocki operated on) would be 21st century lepers because, unfortunately these substances trigger autoimmune diseases, such as Silvina’s hypercalcemia. They are diseases that you cannot sustain afterwards and in which you have to end up, unfortunately dialysisand the other step is the kidney transplant“.

Directly, the driver asked the doctor: “How does a tail stuffing (the one Lotocki made to Silvina Luna) turn into a kidney transplant?”. “You have to translate it easily for me so that everyone understands it,” the surgeon asked.

Cristian Pérez Latorre: “The filling that was given to Silvina is illegal”

“What happens is that This filler is not approved by the FDA (in the United States) or ANMAT (in Argentina). They are illegal fillers that do not correspond to the organism e the body responds with certain antibodies and rejects them. here comes the disaster“.

“In case of sylvinaShe triggered an autoimmune disease called hypercalcemia: forms a larger amount of calcium, cannot be released by the kidneys and therefore, begins to go into kidney failure. That is to say that the kidney is not working”.

Cristian Pérez Latorre, in LAM: "Silvina has l

Cristian Pérez Latorre, in LAM: “Silvina has hypercalcemia, which ends up in dialysis and then in a kidney transplant”. Catch TV.

“A person who wants to have an aesthetic, how do you ensure that your life is not ruined?”De Brito wanted to know. and he insisted: “How do you make sure that what the surgeon is doing is what it should be, because you don’t know… This happened to Silvina: she entrusted herself to a professional and this happened to her”.

“The first step is for the surgeon to belong at least to the Plastic Surgery Society of Buenos Aires or Argentina,” replied Pérez Latorre. Lotocki will never belong because he is not even a general surgeon. This creates confusion.”

“He graduated from the University of Córdoba, which gives you a degree as a surgeon, but that’s just a degree – explained Pérez Latorre -. This doesn’t mean you are a surgeon. To be one, after having received it, you have to do a residency and a four-year internship. It’s like being a plastic surgeon: first you have to be a general surgeon and then you have to do plastic surgery.”

Source: Clarin

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