Jeremy Renner teases his new stake for Disney, as he recovers from his serious accident

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Jeremy Renner He’s still recovering from his severe snowplow accident on January 1 at his home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, but he’s also excited and ready to embark on his new project. So he sent it himself to his fans, from his social networks where he assured: “I’m back in the ring, working on myself”.

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As he told from his Instagram, where he showed behind the scenes, of which he will be part Renovationsa series of Disney+ Four-part story that follows Renner as he travels the world helping different communities reinvent and build unique, purpose-built vehicles for different purposes and uses.

“Behind the scenes of Renovationscoming to Disney+ worldwide!” Renner captioned the posted photo. “We are now aligning with Disney and Disney+ to launch this amazing new project. There will be much more information very soon.”

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Jeremy Renner's first shot after operations and the snowplow accident.  Instagram photos

Jeremy Renner’s first shot after operations and the snowplow accident. Instagram photos

The actor had to be hospitalized with serious injuries, such as a blunt chest trauma that just started in 2023. The star of wonderThe 52-year-old worried everyone after he suffered the accident while clearing the facade of his house after a heavy snowfall, and he later revealed that he broke no less than 30 bones when the car hit him.

“These 30+ broken bones will be mended, strengthened, as love and bonding with family and friends deepen,” Renner posted in a Jan. 21 Instagram post that also included a photo of himself in physical therapy. “Love and blessings to you all.”

Now he anticipates that he will be part of it Renovations, a Boardwalk Pictures production and executive producers Renner, Rory Millikin, Romilda De Luca, Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard, Sarina Roma and Patrick Costello. “Behind the big screen, Jeremy is a construction enthusiast,” Disney announced in the show’s February 2022 launch statement.

to inspire

He added, “Jeremy is very involved in the highly creative manufacturing culture that exists around the world and hopes to change many lives with these skills, as well as inspire others to do the same.”

Jeremy Renner almost ready to go back to work after the crash.  Photo REUTERS

Jeremy Renner almost ready to go back to work after the crash. Photo REUTERS

This new series has to do with another facet of the actor (who is also a producer and musician) linked to home renovation since, for several years, he has owned a small business dedicated to this area, with which he also frequently collaborates . various charitable foundations.

Earlier this month, Marvel co-stars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly told reporters they were in touch with Renner and that he was making strides in his recovery.

“I walked into his house and I got goosebumps because I thought, ‘Why are you moving? What’s going on?’” Lilly said Log in to Hollywood. “I expected to sit by his bed and hold his hand as he moaned and groaned in pain and couldn’t move.”

However, in the actress’ account, “Jeremy was running around, laughing with his friends. It’s a miracle. It’s a real miracle. He’s made of something really hard, that guy. I’ve always seen it in him and it’s coming .” incredibly”.

Source: Clarin

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