Harsh campaign on Twitter against Nacho’s father, from Big Brother: the reasons

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A campaign by many followers of Big Brother has broken out on Twitter (Telefe, at 10.15 pm). against Rodolfo Castañares, Nacho’s fatherand a fierce controversy arose. The issue has taken on such a breadth that “Rodo al 9009”, the phrase with which the public is asked to vote to eliminate the stylist and actor who lives in Uruguay, has become a Trending Topic in Argentina.

The million-dollar question is why such a wave of anger was unleashed against Nacho’s father, one who since he entered the most famous house of the reality show hosted by Santiago Del Moro had fallen very well among viewers.

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The reason is one and very specific: there are fans of other Big Brother participants who They were outraged when Rodo advised his son to take advantage of the withered appointment as soon as possiblethe most lethal resource that the participants have since whoever decides to shoot down another sends him directly to the plate without the attacker having the possibility of being saved by the leader of the week.

Father and son.  Rodolfo and Nacho.  Photo: Instagram.

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Father and son. Rodolfo and Nacho. Photo: Instagram.

Outraged, many began referring to Nacho by the name “accommodatingA fan of Romina, a participant in Big Brother, whose account is called @RominaUFan tweeted the video in which Rodo encourages his son to knock out and wrote: “Wealthy is nothing without all the information he had from the outside through La Tora and now, through his father“.

What exactly did Rodolfo say to his son Nacho?

While they were enjoying a moment of relaxation by the pool, Nacho and his father had one of the many conversations they have had since Rodolfo entered the house of Big Brotheralong with five other relatives of as many players, last Monday.

The gaming conversation between Nacho and his father Rodolfo.

The gaming conversation between Nacho and his father Rodolfo.

Rodo, who knows the game well, in that speech, without turning around, asked his son: “I would already use the primer. Because there’s nothing left, you know? There are no more dishes. It is definitely an unforgettable experience.“.

The reactions calling for Rodo to be eliminated

On Twitter, the fans of the other participants in Big Brother immediately launched into complaining about Rodo’s advice to Nacho and did everything: they asked that the public, which is the one who decides with their vote which relatives will leave the house, choose to remove Rodolfo. For example, some of the tweets that have been posted on the topic:

Who is Rodo, Nacho’s father?

Rodolfo Castañares, 52, father of Nacho, from Big Brother, does not go unnoticed in the reality show. Actor and stylist, he is very charismatic and shortly after appearing on television he gained the sympathy of a large part of the public.

Currently Rodo lives in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, but some time ago he lived in Spain, which is why you hear him speak with a very particular melody and cadence.

In his video presentation on Big Brother, Nacho had referred to his father. In the recording that aired on the evening of the premiere of the current season, the participant said: “I was born in Madrid. My father and mother lived in Spain, she came to live in Buenos Aires and I came to live here. Since I was four, I’ve been traveling alone to see my father. She formed a couple with another man, who I also consider my father, my second father, and he still is to this day.”

Source: Clarin

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