Chano woke up after a week of hospitalization and his fans erupted with joy on the networks

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After a week in intensive care at the Otamendi sanatorium, Chano Moreno Charpentier woke up. Her fans exploded with joy on social media. TN’s signal assured that “sources close to the singer” confirmed that “he no longer has a fever“.

Even though the news channel aired the information that the musician had woken up tonight on Friday, Chano fans had been assuming that this was the musician’s reality since noon. They had clung to a post by Chano’s brother, Gonzalo Bambi Moreno Charpentier who had written on his networks:

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“Every day in the world there is a way to resurrect”, a phrase taken from the song “Música”, by Tan Biónica. Fans interpreted this post as a clear allusion to an improvement in Chano’s health and expressed their joy in all possible ways.

Chano Charpentier woke up after going through a complicated health situation in intensive care.  Instagram photos.

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Chano Charpentier woke up after going through a complicated health situation in intensive care. Instagram photos.

To show the feeling of relief that Chano’s followers had with the news that their idol had woken up, some of the tweets in which they expressed themselves:

Chano’s long road to awakening

As will be remembered, eOn Friday 17 February, the former leader of Tan Biónica was hospitalized urgently. The news was only made public the following day, but there was no official medical report and his family kept silent about the diagnosis and the evolution of the musician’s health.

In this context, the versions and rumors about what was happening multiplied. Some said Chano had suffered a relapse into his addictions. Others, that he had had problems due to a mistake in taking his medication. Days later, it began circulating that the doctors could not wake Chano and that his prognosis was guarded.

Given this scenario, her mother Marina Charpentier came out to ask them to stop speculating on the matter. You did so through a statement in which you asked that privacy be respected and that opinions not be expressed without knowing.

Marina Charpentier’s statements to Jorge Lanata

When Chano was on the sixth day of hospitalization last Wednesday, his mother decided to speak to Jorge Lanata on Radio Miter and explain what had happened.

“He lives alone, I was on vacation in Uruguay. She has therapy which consists of groups, individual therapy and a psychiatrist every 15 days. They do a toxicology screen that includes all substances. He always tested negative, even the last one,” said Marina Charpentier.

And he added: “The fact that a person like him is not consuming does not mean that he is equally sensitive. He told his illness about him and For extremely sensitive people like him, life is very difficult.“.

«The day he was hospitalized, the day before and two days before, he was rehearsing with musicians, doing whatever he pleases», recalls Marina, and added: «Then, due to life circumstances that belong to his intimacy, he began to feel sadHe started talking to me, even with you (Jorge Lanata). He was with a girl he is dating and she felt bad. He called the guard, they went to look for him at the Capilla del Señor. He arrived by ambulance and arrived in intensive care”.

We believe you may have made some mistakes in taking your medication -said Chano’s mother-. She has one kidney, no spleen and just a piece of pancreas.”

Marina, Chano

Marina, Chano’s mother, confided to Jorge Lanata: “We believe that he may have made mistakes in taking his medicines.”

“My son hasn’t woken up yet – Marina said last Wednesday – I can’t say much more because it’s something we don’t know. He has a tube because he has an infection and is on antibiotics. He had a fever, a pulmonary complication, as we know he still smokes a lot of cigarettes. And when a person decompensates, you have to balance all of your organs.

“I was with A pneumonia and unfortunately, at one point, he woke up and ripped the pipe. With that, he hurt his throat and they had to sedate him and they can’t take him out until his throat went down,” Marina Charpentier explained to Jorge Lanata.

Source: Clarin

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