Romina of “Big Brother” told how she divorced Walter Festa

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After the departure of his nephew from the most famous house, Romina Uhrig surprised the fans Big Brother (Telefe) and told the details of his separation from Walter Feast.

It is that the participant in the reality show had been married for several years to the former mayor of Moreno, who has recently come out to publicly support her through his social networks. And in an intimate chat with the mother of The Torah and the father of NachoHe has spoken openly about the end of that relationship.

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The former MP said that when he spoke to his ex about the divorce, he suggested “wait”.

Uhrig was married to the former Moreno mayor for several years.  Catch TV.

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Uhrig was married to the former Moreno mayor for several years. Catch TV.

He was like, ‘Well, let’s wait.’ She didn’t want a divorce. So, I told him: ‘No, it’s like this, if we separate, we separate'”, said the ‘little sister’.

According to Romina, Festa told her to wait and asked her if she wanted to get divorced Big Brother.

One day I told him: ‘Let’s get a divorce.’ He started doing it and I don’t need to sign anything. Today with one who wants a divorce, well, it’s not necessary for the other to sign or anything, “he explained.

“Did you see the papers he signed and all?” she wanted to know GladysLa Tora’s mother.

“He started discussing the divorce issue with his lawyer. I remember he asked me for the child’s certificate, birth certificate and marriage certificate,” Romina replied.

Romina Uhrig and her ex.  Photo: Instagram.

Romina Uhrig and her ex. Photo: Instagram.

Later, he developed: “I asked him later, ‘How is it coming?’ And he said to me: ‘Here, I’ve already done everything. Now I’m waiting.’ I need to get a notification, but nothing has arrived yet, but yes, it has already arrived.”

“I saw such good vibes with the video,” Nacho’s father chimed in. “I thought they were married,” he admitted.

“The thing is I was surprised too”, acknowledged the participant of the reality show. And she continued: “Because when we parted with Walter, he left home. We didn’t part well, things didn’t end well. He ended up leaving the house at dawn.”

“We hadn’t spoken to each other for about 10 days because of one thing I didn’t like and instead of him saying, ‘Well, gordi, sorry, I was wrong,’ he got even worse and ended up leaving home that night,” she recalled.

This week, Walter Festa defended Romina from the criticisms she received on social media.

This week, Walter Festa defended Romina from the criticisms she received on social media.

She then recounted more details about the breakup: “He had blocked me from the phone, I had no way to talk to him, we had girls, he didn’t want to talk to me. I didn’t get out of the car, I wanted Marita to give the girls, she didn’t want to see me ».

“I didn’t understand anything, at that moment I thought: ‘What have I done to him?'” he was honest.

“So the days went by, one day he comes and I go in the car, and I say, ‘Can we talk?'” she said before the broadcast was cut.

Romina Uhrig has confessed that she misses her ex

It’s not the first time that Romina Uhrig He talks about his separation from Walter Feast. In mid-February, in conversation with Julieta and Daniela, the “little sister” declared that she sometimes missed her ex.

Oh, they don’t know how weird it is. Sometimes I despair, I don’t even want to think. Sometimes it’s like I miss Walter when I remember things. Sometimes it is like this, then I remember (other things) and no more », acknowledged Romina.

“He must miss you too, they spent a lot of time together” Julieta intervened.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. It was fine, you saw it whole. I didn’t want to take care of him because of how much it hurt and he was very involved. It is clear that he has wanted to separate for some time and he has not separated from me », the former deputy replied without a filter.

“He passed it and had already passed it at home. He told me himself, that he had already parted at home and I never noticed. Many things hurt me a lot, which I later discovered from his mouth,” he added later.

Source: Clarin

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