Bono and The Edge premiere documentary with acid humor by David Letterman

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The Disney+ platform presented the trailer for the documentary Bono & The Edge: a sort of homecoming, with Dave LettermanThat will be released worldwide on March 17date which coincides with the planned release of the album by U2 surrender songsa collection of new versions of the band’s 40 most important songs from different eras.

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The documentary is directed by Morgan Neville, who records the presenter’s first visit to Dublin to meet Bono and Edge and tour the city and join Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.the two remaining musicians of U2, in a different concert than they had done up to that point.

The documentary, therefore, is in part a trip to the Irish capital by the band leaders and a special concert by the band, always nuanced by Letterman’s special humor.

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An image from “Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, with Dave Letterman.”

In addition to the concert, which occupies a central part of this film, the documentary will focus on the extraordinary relationship between Bono and The Edge and how it has developed over the more than 45 years of this close friendship. At the same time, it documents Dublin from the point of view of the presenter during his visit accompanied by Bono and The Edge.

Special guest, Dave Letterman

Letterman, who accepted an invitation from the two U2 members to visit them on their first trip to Dublin, has a 25-year relationship with the band and has met Bono and The Edge every time they went to the United States.

As well as his guest of honor for that intimate concert held in an iconic Dublin theater, in the building of the former Ambassador cinema, on O’Connell Street, north of the capital.

Letterman has a 25-year relationship with the band and has met whenever Bono and The Edge have been in the US.

Letterman has a 25-year relationship with the band and has met whenever Bono and The Edge have been in the US.

The presenter also embarks on his exploration of the city and visit the legendary Forty Foot Nature Spa on a freezing morning and take the DART train (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) in County Wicklow bound for Northern Ireland.

On purpose, Letterman inspired the band to compose a new song and narrowly escapes having to sing in public at the legendary McDaid pub, just around the corner from Grafton Street.

Songs of surrender

New album Songs of surrender is a collection of new versions of the 40 greatest songs in U2 history; recorded in the last two years will be released on March 17th. The first clue available from this retrospective special is pride in the name of love). The material selection was handled by The Edge as was the production.

The album includes songs such as With or without you, a beautiful day, a bloody Sunday AND Invisible, among others. The band worked on each of the songs to be different from the original ones, with new arrangements and, in some cases, even new lyrics.

From the beginning

Bono, The Edge, Clayton and Mullen met at Mount Temple School in Dublin in 1978.; The idea of ​​putting together a band and that impulse had led them to admit that U2 had formed even before they knew how to play.

The band has released 14 studio albums, sold more than 170 million albums and won numerous awards, including no less than 22 Grammys. and the Conscience Award, from Amnesty International. In 2005, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The group’s music has been nominated twice for an Oscar, in 2003, for The Hands That Built America, for the film Gangs of New York, and, in 2014, for Ordinary Love, for the film Mandela, The Long Road to freedom.

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