Santiago Maratea and a new crossover on Twitter: he tried to call Jorge Rial an “old peanut” and the journalist answered everything

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Following his intense Twitter exchange with economic analyst and influencer Carlos Maslatón, Santiago Maratea protagonist of a new round trip on social networks, this time, with George Rialwho answered him with everything.

It all started with a video that Maratea shared on his Instagram account talking about the criticisms he has recently received and his idea of ​​making a “compost and passing the cap to use all the rubbish they are throwing at me and transform it into something productive. For I put together this 120 peso jersey for anyone who wants to put the stop in the bank”.

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Rial then commented: “Compost, the level of chanta”.

The intersection between Maratea and Rial on Twitter.

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The intersection between Maratea and Rial on Twitter.

Far from wanting to avoid conflict, Maratea quoted Rial’s tweet and launched: “Do you want me to do the same with you, old peanut?”

“You attack and then cry on Instagram trying to feel sorry for your emotional hits. You wanted to get money together with Fernando Báez Sosa. How do you define yourself? You are unhappy. And you are right. But the mask is falling off”the driver answered Argentzuela (C5N, Monday to Friday at 3pm).​

And Maratea closed the first round with two strong messages. “I see you liked the idea of ​​composting Rial but I won’t, It gives me straw to keep arguing with powerful gentlemen. On the other hand, I have not made any reference to sterility beyond the fact that Rial has made it clear many times that he is not sterile, and I would never have fallen for it because it doesn’t look bad to me, ”the influencer posted.

Maratea's answer to Jorge Rial.  Chirping.

Maratea’s answer to Jorge Rial. Chirping.

“Old peanut means something else, someone will have understood, but well, the important thing is that I’m not going to compost Rial and I hope never to compost anyone again”, concluded Maratea, who then shared a series of messages that his followers have written to him, telling him of your support in this new crossing.

The comparison of Maratea with Maslaton

“For example Máximo Kirchner declared 400 million pesos, how did he do it?” was the declaration of Maratea, referring to Kirchnerism but speaking in general of politicians.

Maslatón quoted his statements and later spoke out against his statements on his Twitter account. “He doesn’t know about numbers, he doesn’t know how to calculate, he has no sense of the dimensions of things and those 400 sticks are few”, he said.

“Don’t take us for assholes, dear Maslaton, 400 million is not enough if you’ve worked all your life, for someone who has never worked, having 400 million is a lot. Adult gentlemen who still live off their mother, I know several, all miserable,” replied the influencer.

“Maratea, you learn to count, it’s a green stick,” shared one of the representatives of liberalism in Argentina.

“And that doesn’t seem like much to you?” Santiago responded promptly and continued: “Give them to me, I could help many children pay for their medical care.”

“Now I understand all the same why your friends steal without guilt, a green stick seems little to them and they don’t have a work culture, like everyone else”, he added.

Then, Maslaton retorted: “Yes, crazy, you have to lower the demagoguery. Your social discourse serves to generate panic and terrorize people. Your message with numbers of nominal and non-real things is a propaganda fraud. You want to scare with “millions” and a million is already a pittance. Index the brain”,

Source: Clarin

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