Finally, the Wu-Tang Clan, a key band of Hip Hop, arrives for the first time in Argentina

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One of the iconic bands of the world Hip Hop movement arrives in our country: the Wu-tang Clan, with a crew of nine members who, thanks to their music and attitude, have managed to break all kinds of records set globally. The band will be presented on March 30 at the Luna Park stadium and promises to be a one-of-a-kind meeting for all followers of this renowned Staten Island band.

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Methodman, RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, GZA, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Cappadonna and DJ Mathematics They come to Buenos Aires to connect with thousands of followers.

Fans who no doubt feel represented by the greatness of their lyrics and lethal instrumentals of albums like: Enter The Wu-tang (36 rooms), Wu-Tang Forever, The W, IronFlag, 8 diagrams, Better Tomorrow AND The saga continuesamong others.

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"Enter The Wu-tang (36 chambers)", "Wu-Tang Forever" and "The W, IronFlag", some of the classics that will play at Luna Park.

“Enter The Wu-tang (36 chambers)”, “Wu-Tang Forever” and “The W, IronFlag”, some of the classics that will play at Luna Park.

His concert in Buenos Aires brings together – for the first time – all the original members of the Wu-Tang Clan and his tour has also confirmed presentations in Brazil and Colombia, which will entertain the entire Southern Cone reminiscent of the so-called “golden age” of hip hop in the United States.

Such is the impact of this band in its early days and today, that after selling millions of copies of their records, They already have their name in one of the boroughs of New York and with a successful series called Star+ Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

everything is history

It is a hip hop group from Staten Island, New York (in their songs they refer to Staten Island as Shaolin). The group consists of nine MCs (despite the death of Ol’ Dirty Bastard in 2004, later replaced by Cappadonna).

All of its members have released solo albums elThe band has produced several groups and solo artists.

Their style has evolved over time and the members’ individual projects have differed in sound and content, but the group is generally known for its metaphor-laden lyrics, references to life in the Bronx or the Bronx way of life, Street life from New York City and hints at Chinese folklore and martial arts films.

1993, zero hour

Wu-Tang Clan is one of those groups that has already secured a very high place on the international rap podium. When they were seen in ’93, from the suburbs of Staten Islandthis mega-combo of nine artists ushered in an original approach to the genre with its gruff and ghostly sound, influenced by martial arts and with constant references to pop culture.

The band works on classic soul and funk foundations, and a permanent presence there is, of course, The Godfather, James Brown.

The band works on classic soul and funk foundations, and a permanent presence there is, of course, The Godfather, James Brown.

disks like Enter the Wu-Tang (36 rooms) They have become classics on any selected shelf.. Wu-Tang Clan has been touring as a unit since their debut album was released in 1993.

Their live sets are a family affair, with every member of the team performing lyrical contributions to all eight of Wu’s studio albums, as well as notable cuts from Wu-Tang’s solo discography. With the ubiquitous Wu-Tang “W” flanking every corner of the stage, there is a familiarity with Wu-Tang Clan music that gives their shows a unique mass appeal.

Live, a party

If they are delivering the unit 36 rooms from beginning to end of the album’s 25th anniversary tour, or songs from Liquid Swords by GZA and Only 4 Cuban Linx built of Raekwon, or honor the legacy of his deceased brother, Ol’ Dirty Bastardevery Wu-Tang Clan show is a celebration of prolific careers as individuals and especially as the group with the most history in the hip-hop world.

Guided by RZA’s production, martial arts film samples thematically appeared in the group’s music. As samples of classic funk and soul tracks from artists like Rick James, James Brown and Syl Johnson.

eight times platinum

As a band, Wu-Tang Clan has three platinum albums among its eight LPs. and the complete anthology (including solo albums) it has over 85 full-length shots.

More than just rappers, the Wu-Tang Clan are successful entrepreneurs and cultural influencers, with an empire that includes everything from clothing lines and video games to books and acting credits.

Source: Clarin

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