Lali Espósito, ten years ago: how she imagined her solo career, with clear ideas and firm conviction

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September 2013. Lali Esposito Arrives by taxi at a bar in Barracas. It comes from a recording day in Polka de la tira Only you (The Thirteen). She sits down, asks for a tear and begins to detail everything about her new musical project as a soloist that sees her in charge of all the decisions. And she releases: “This has my name and my face, no joke.”

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Context. That text, which continued with “…and I’ll row it, of course I’ll row it”, ended up being the title of the note, made just two days after the first show that Lali held as a soloist. That presentation, on September 2, 2013, was in La Trastienda and she barely sang three of her songs: Dancehis first single, Murder AND On the other side.

That show, in which she was accompanied by a handful of fans since the days of Almost angelsfamily and friends, it was the initial kick and laid the foundations for everything that would come after: albums, tours, successes, collaborations with great artists, awards, presentations in important festivals… up to the show at Vélez next Saturday March 4 , which is already sold out by that same loyal audience that accompanies it, now multiplied by thousands and thousands.

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Lali Espósito, in its first presentation in La Trastienda, in September 2013.

Lali Espósito, in its first presentation in La Trastienda, in September 2013.

Successful present and encouraging future

That interview, made by the writer, tried to point to his new project, but also to his great present in the most followed fiction of that moment, Only you, where she played Daniela, the daughter of Adrián Suar. For the first time, the actress and singer achieved great success outside the wing of Cris Morena.

However, Lali was a whirlwind of ideas, dreams and intentions about her music and it was difficult to get her out of the topic that really mobilized her.

Every attempt to find him to make some reflections and analyzes on his entire artistic career up to that great present has been in vain.

Lali, 21 years old and with her characteristic good vibes, took the praise, but quickly he concentrated on what awaited him, on all that was to come.

“I really want to like it. I want real people to say ‘I’m going to pay for this ticket’ when I do a show,” he enthused in that 10-year-old speech that is worth rewatching to find out that From the start I had a solid idea of ​​what I wanted. and, beyond some changes or people who joined his working group, he respected and was the basis for achieving this great gift.

Lali Esposito, in the photo production of that note from 2013, when she was starting her solo project.  Photo: Ariel Grinberg (Files).

Lali Esposito, in the photo production of that note from 2013, when she was starting her solo project. Photo: Ariel Grinberg (Files).

A bit of history

Lali, in 2012, after the last live performance with Teen Angeles, the band of almost angels, she received the musicians Luis Burgio and Peter Akselrad, who offered to collaborate with her in case she wanted to realize all those ideas she had.

In December of the same year he contacted them and they started working together. “And it all turned out to be very angelic, really. Arguments came up and I had clear ideas. I was zero teenager, zero doubt,” she recalled.

And he quickly clarified his manifesto: “I want my music to be used in life… visually, on a screen, with lights, in what he plays, in the choreography. I admire a lot of things I see outside and I’m like ‘bitch, why isn’t anyone here doing that, why aren’t any women singing and dancing, why aren’t there any hip hop dancers on stage'”.

Any resemblance to what he displays on stage today is no mere coincidence.

In 2013 the music scene was very different. There was still talk of the record sales crisis, the piracy of all music, the birth of platforms… And Lali was delighted with the website she had created especially to spread her music: ( Ed. : don’t look for it because it no longer exists).

he had thrown by himself Dance and had produced six more songs, which he would release one a week, on his website and iTunes, along with several backstage videos. The bet from the beginning was great.

Another photographic production by Lali Esposito, in 2013. Photo Ariel Grinberg (Archive).

Another photographic production by Lali Esposito, in 2013. Photo Ariel Grinberg (Archive).

“It’s not that I feel more mature, but over the years I’ve paid close attention to everything. I like to see how people work. I admire a lot and the backside has always caught my eye. I don’t believe how it came to the Great Rex and such a structure was armed. And look, Cris even asked you to make a dragon come down off the roof and throw fire. And the chabones did it,” he said.

And for my show I called many of those who have done the technique because they are number one and apart from that there is affection. There’s no one working on this musical project that I don’t adore. The costume designer is my friend, the choreographer too, there’s my old lady, my old man”, he described about the presentation in La Trastienda, a formula that will surely be repeated -on another scale- for Vélez, which will mark the closure of his successful Disciplina Tour.

About her musical research, she said: “There’s a lot of dubstep, there’s also a pop influence, because I have a voice that’s more pop than anything else. But there’s also dance, hip hop… all the bases are very powerful, even the ballads have a super heavy and rockier ‘explode’ at one point.Most of the songs are very powerful, they are sounds made with a ‘machine’ that you can spend all day rehearsing with and to fuck around”.

Working all day

That was her life at the time. Get up early, complete the marathon recording sessions at Polka (the studios were still in the Chacarita neighborhood) and from there head straight to Villa Urquiza to try things out in the recording studio. And so day by day throughout the week.

Lali Espósito, at her show at Luna Park, in June 2022. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

Lali Espósito, at her show at Luna Park, in June 2022. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

“Sometimes I don’t realize it and it’s 2.30 in the morning and I’m still in the studio. I wonder ‘what am I doing here if I get up at 7 tomorrow?’ But when you like something, there’s no way, ”he condemned.

Lali, working independently, knew she was holding something precious in her hands and that she wanted to take care of it and respect it.

“I’ve put together a group that cares about me and understands the style I want to do. We all know where we’re going. I want to follow my style. I don’t want to sign someone and be like ‘well we have reggaeton’. NO! I don’t want to lose direction. Never stop being the project leader and always make all the decisions, from the music to the studs in the wardrobe. Those who want to participate will join, but without changing course. This is clear to me.”

The note continued with other topics and then it was time for the photos. Always in solitude and without divisions, she adjusted her make-up looking out the window of a car on the street, she accepted the photographer’s proposal and posed in front of a wall of graffiti.

Before the farewell, now without a tape recorder, was the last question. More words, less words, he was asked: “Do you think what can happen and how can it affect you if this project does not go as you expect?” That possibility wasn’t even raised and his answer -literally- was good for Lali: “When you have clear ideas about your work and you are sure that you are working your ass off, it will be fine”.

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