Karina got stuck in a protest and exploded in anger, but later found out why and changed her mind

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Karina the little princess He’s touring extensively these days and when he was going to one of his rehearsals she got stuck in a cut and exploded with fury in the nets.

The singer was on her way to practice with her band when she was suddenly forced to stop the car on the highway and, indignant, began to tell what was happening on social networks.

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“I like it when we can’t go to work because of the pickets. What does we have to do with it, right? And the real managers scratching their balls in very quiet houses. Great,” the artist began to express.

Karina's farewell for the cut suffered on the street.

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Karina’s farewell for the cut suffered on the street.

And immediately afterwards he recorded a series of videos in selfie mode from his car. “I’m here on the picket line, fart, stop. It’s a fucking Monday. Friday is the Cumbia Festival and Saturday I’m at the Broadway theater in Rosario,” he said.

Also, Karina said she suffered from a series of unfortunate events during the last few days. One of them was that she had run out of internet and because of this she could not enjoy watching anything on the internet. stream on his one day off.

“Anxiety got me,” she explained. “Then I ran out of data on my cell phone and couldn’t send a message. And then my lights went out”he detailed, greatly disappointed.

“And now I go out to rehearsal and there is picket line… and what would it take 50 minutes to get there now it will take me 2 hours and 25″, complained the interpreter lying heart.

“Ruta and palo santo come to me”, The Princessita continued, as if to chase away the bad vibes that, according to her, are haunting her these days.

Some of the video footage Karina recorded.

Some of the video footage Karina recorded.

After her fight, Karina was told that the reason for the cut was not a picket line but a demonstration demanding justice a boy from the Orders Since they had killed to steal his motorcycle. “You don’t mess with those things…”, he expressed considerable concern at the situation and warned that the protest would unite.

After a while, Karina said that she was still in the same place where she was before and that she hadn’t advanced a meter, so after showing solidarity with the call for justice she decided turn off the car and go to sleep.

After a few hours, finally the artist managed to get to the rehearsals with his band and showed the pictures in his stories.

The fight against depression by Karina La Princesita

For several months Karina has been posting messages that worry her fans about her melancholy content.

And on her birthday, January 30, the singer threw a big party in Puerto Madero and, before entering, told the press that she was suffering from depression.

Karina La Princesita at her 37th birthday party in Puerto Madero.  Photo: Movilpress

Karina La Princesita at her 37th birthday party in Puerto Madero. Photo: Movilpress

“For work reasons I put it aside for many years and now I said ‘I don’t want to be like this anymore’. Suddenly I’m fine and suddenly not. You have to take care. Mental health is important.” Karina assured and said that she will go to the psychologist and psychiatrist.

“I had depression. It’s hard for you to live. Sometimes I just wanted to sleep”added.

And he stressed that this disease is more common than people say. “I say this because there are many people who happen to him and they need not be ashamed. I was ashamed. But it felt good to tell it. You are not crazy about going to the psychologist or taking medications,” she said.

Source: Clarin

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