Soledad Aquino, Marcelo Tinelli’s ex, posted a strange message asking for help

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A lot of uncertainty revolves around the last post that loneliness aquinasthe ex wife of Marcello Tinelli and mother of his eldest daughters, michaela AND Candlemashas done in the last few hours in his account instagram and a few minutes later decided to delete.

Is that the driver’s ex-wife uploaded a photograph of her smiling at the camera to the aforementioned social network and wrote a desperate request which surprised all his followers.

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“God people who give me so much unconditional love in this space. I wonder if someone gives me a job. My ex asked him for 20 years and he didn’t and he can’t help me. Not even my daughters… they have a lot of expenses”he began by saying.

“This is how I experience this sadness so deep that I ask you for help (for) whatever it is to work! Thank you, I love you”, concluded this message which was accompanied by different emoticons of hearts, sad faces and kisses.

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Soledad Aquino's surprise request on social media.

Soledad Aquino’s surprise request on social media.

After 12 minutes, the post went viral, garnering nearly 20 comments and more than 110 likes, including Tinelli’s.

“Marcelo clearly didn’t read what he said and he liked it, he’s gone today” wrote Pochi, owner of the Instagram account @gossipeame, in a story he posted talking about driver’s reaction and the removal of the post.

At the moment it is not known if the mother of Candelaria and Micaela was the victim of a hack, wanted to play a joke or if really he is looking for a job and her family can’t help her.

Soledad Aquino’s problems in recent times

In 2021, full coronavirus pandemicSoledad Aquino spent eight months fighting for her life, after suffering a stomach hemorrhage and being hospitalized Trinidad Sanatorium in Palermowhere he was diagnosed a liver cirrhosis is one duodenal ulcer.

Because of this photo, Aquino underwent a liver transplant and was not having fun while waiting for the organ. It is that in that period he contracted Covid-19 and his already delicate conditions worsened considerably.

But Sun, as her loved ones call her, overcame the disease thanks to the work of the professionals entrusted to him, to his strength and the love of his family.

Aquino with his daughters, his ex-husband and his cousin at the last holidays.  Photo: Instagram

Aquino with his daughters, his ex-husband and his cousin at the last holidays. Photo: Instagram

A key pillar in her recovery were her daughters and Marcelo. “Marcello is a treasure. Just as many see Marcelo Tinelli’s character, I will always see him as the Bolívar man I fell in love with when I was very young,” Aquino said in her first interview after receiving the transplant.

in dialogue with HI! ArgentinaThe TV presenter’s ex-wife also said: “I remember when we had a car together with a bad engine and we always had to push it together. That person is the one I admire and respect, the man I married before God.”

And I add: We vow to take care of each other in sickness and in health. till death do us part and Even if we’re not together, we still take care of each other… We no longer feel that conjugal love, but we do feel a parental love for our daughters who are beings of light.”

Source: Clarin

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