“It’s very hot”: Nancy Pazos couldn’t stand the high temperatures and hosted her show in her underwear

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Nancy Pazos debuted this Wednesday, March 1 with his program, Russian roulette, on Radio Mega (FM 98.3) and he did it… in his underwear! Yes, the famous journalist she undid the buttons of the dress she was wearing AND led the morning cycle in a bra for an unusual reason.

“We have reached Mega 98.3 and we are already in ‘tarlipes’, Photo by @lacorderoes”the host wrote about an image she uploaded to her stories about instagramwhere 148,000 users follow her and she tends to appear naturally in her underwear.

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In the photo that the journalist Lola Cordero The communicator appears speaking on the air of her program from the Mega radio studio in a bra and super smiley.

Nancy Pazos remained in her bra in her Mega debut.

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Nancy Pazos remained in her bra in her Mega debut.

Because Nancy Pazos hosted her show in her underwear

“It is very heavy and I will confess something to you. Everyone here is crazy. You know that not only we broadcast in this building, but also various radios of this group that do not host”, began the presenter upon returning from a round of advertising.

And he continued without abandoning his mischievous tone: “It’s really hot, I I came dressed in the clothes I will wear later on TV (she is a speaker from Barbarossa) AND I was going to sweat it all out so I decided to take off my top”

Nancy Pazos on her radio show.

Nancy Pazos on her radio show.

“I’m in ‘tarlipes’, in bra, that It’s almost bigger than my bikini so no one should freak out about it. far from it,” added the journalist.

“No, but we have a back window and let’s say so There is a parade of people who see you in a white lace bodice the dress came down to her waist,” added Cordero, who accompanies Nancy on the radio.

“Exactly, it is what it is, it was very hot, Let’s go to the tandita which is not very long,” concluded Pazos with a laugh.

And indeed Nancy was seen, three hours later, on the air in the cycle led by Georgina Barbarossawho is seen on Telefe Monday to Friday from 9:30, wearing the colorful dress of white, purple and black geometric figures she wore when she appeared on her radio show this Wednesday.

Nancy Pazos this Wednesday in "A la Barbarossa".  Television capture

Nancy Pazos this Wednesday in “A la Barbarossa”. Television capture

Strong repercussions for the photo of Nancy Pazos driving in a bra

Nancy Pazos He also shared the photo he took Lola Cordero in your account Chirpingwhere it quickly went viral and was played by thousands of users.

“It’s hot, it’s hot, I have the recipe to be so much better. No makeup, no hurry, I give you my smile like a priestess of love…”, wrote the presenter next to that tweet, using one of the most famous songs of Andrea Calamaroone of the most commented personalities of the day for his meeting with Juan Grabois.

The driver's tweet.

The driver’s tweet.

“Can someone tell him what a pitiful role he’s playing?”“With what need?”, “Great woman”, “I’m your admirer”“I better say nothing”, “No air in the Mega?”, “Nance”“Cover yourself, madam”, “Madam, don’t be ridiculous, you want it” and “That desire to attract attention if you see it” were some of the comments the journalist received in Chirping.

Source: Clarin

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