José, Marcos’ brother from “Big Brother”: why he travels the world and what he does

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No doubt Marco Ginocchio is one of the great candidates to win Big Brother. Even the arrival of his sister Valeria strengthened him inside the house and not only gave him back part of the joy he had lost, but the brunette itself took flight to the point of being the favorite among the viewers when choosing one of the relatives who had entered as support.

But they also have another brother, named José, of whom little or nothing is known. Beyond a video that went viral on the networks when the young man, from his home abroad, hugged the screen to join Marcos and Valeria when they met again on the reality show, after not seeing each other for over a year.

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On one occasion Marcos referred to José in a chat with Camila: “He was in Africa, he was in Nepal… Publish that he is one of the people my brother most admires. The worst part is that when you ask him about these things he never tells you. We are chatting as a family and he is not interested in talking about it. They are people who don’t do it at all, they don’t seek anything in return. It’s something I appreciate so much about him. I miss her a lot,” he told him.

Marcos, José and Valentina together some time ago.  instagram

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Marcos, José and Valentina together some time ago. instagram

José is 24 years old and is in the process of earning a degree in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Human Rights at Trinity College in Connecticut. “I had the opportunity to study here on a full scholarship that I received after graduating from the UWC Adriatic, which also awarded me a scholarship in 2016,” he told TN Show.

Thanks to the funding received from international educational organizations, José was able to travel the world work on different causes where there were basic needs that have not been resolved. In addition to making documentaries with the experience that lives there.

José Ginocchio travels the world carrying out projects on human rights.  instagram

José Ginocchio travels the world carrying out projects on human rights. instagram

In Kenya specifically, I was working on a project on access to clean water with a colleague from there. Each project had different approaches depending on the context of each country. But in general they are related to the investigation or enforcement of human rights,” she added.

Some time ago, on a tour of the interior of Salta, his province, José was concerned about “the historical violation of human rights against indigenous peoples”, as he himself says. Together with Macarena Aucapiña, they developed an international cooperation project with the European Union.

Concern about child malnutrition

At some point in the development of reality it was learned that Marcos and his relatives helped in the children’s kitchens in Salta. José revealed that his brother cares about the good nutrition of the kids and that he has passed on this concern to collaborate with those who have less.

José, Valeria and Marcos are very close.  instagram

José, Valeria and Marcos are very united. instagram

The idea is to work against child malnutrition through this project which is being carried out by a consortium of organizations,” he explained to the TN Show.

“Since I started working in the interior of Salta, I’ve learned that there is much to be done to ensure respect for human rights in our country. So we have been trying to create an NGO together with various relatives for some time,” he added enthusiastically.

José is a fan of his brother Marcos

In defining the relationship he has with his brother, José commented that “Marcos has always been our Big Brother to me and Valenothing more that now the country has taken them away from us for a while”.

“He texted us saying ‘Hi, I want to tell you maybe I’ll be on Big Brother…’, and before we could speak, he was already on TV. Despite all of this, I didn’t even know that we couldn’t talk for months. I wish I’d known about it sooner, but hey, he always lets his successes speak for themselves in due time,” he said about how he discovered Marcos’ isolation.

“I already know what a great person he is, so now I’m proud to see that the country knows that too. For me, it’s very nice to turn on the TV on the other side of the continent and have him by my side. We have lived apart for so long and now I can have mates, do homework or work while I have it in the background. It helps me feel close to him,” he was honest.

José playing with a replica of the Oscars.  instagram

José playing with a replica of the Oscars. instagram

“I’d like to tell him that the admiration is mutual. I know very few people with the heart my brother has. He is one to whom people’s suffering does not pass over him. Whether they are friends, acquaintances or strangers, he is a person with a genuine interest in listening and trying to help,” Marcos commented kindly.

He also recounted a situation they experienced some time ago. “During my last vacation, I ran out of money for the plane back to university. AND my brother, without hesitating for a second, offered me his savings to pay back. It’s that kind of selfless supportive attitude that people see at home.”

Marcos’ attitude inside the house

José also referred to Marcos’ way of playing. “Many say my brother’s good attitudes are his weaknesses. For some those ways make him ‘a plant’. But for me, those attitudes are the support more than one at home and that’s what moves the spectators, who have the last word in deciding which are the good qualities of a player”.

And he referred to those who support his brother: “We really appreciate the fans for all the support. It’s hard for us as a family not to be able to communicate with him. But the truth is that fans comfort us a lot with the enormous affection they express in comments, videos and drawings. I know Marcos will be deeply moved when he comes out and sees all the love they send him.”.

Source: Clarin

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