Candelaria Tinelli shot Guillermina Valdes without filters: he called her “controller”

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In the midst of a debate about reality shows and family participation, panache angel tried to match the topic with Candelaria Tinelliwho is going as a guest to THEY (America, Monday-Friday at 8pm) all week, a ask him about Guillermina Valdés.

“Before I asked you about Guillermina and you said ‘Paso’. Why? Didn’t they have a good relationship?”, the journalist wanted to know. Then Cande, who until now had been rather shy when it came to talking about her private life, let herself go and She surprised everyone with her ideas about her father’s ex-partner.

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“No. I’ve never really connected with her. We’re different. I like people who do my old man good. If you can’t see a relative well…”, began the invited speaker.

Candelaria Tinelli fired heavy ammunition at Guillermina Valdes, her father's ex.  Television capture

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Candelaria Tinelli fired heavy ammunition at Guillermina Valdes, her father’s ex. Television capture

“But they had been fine and in love for a long time,” de Brito said. “Yes, but I never got in contact with her, it was like a skin problem”recognized Cande, always attentive to his words.

Program members were surprised and remarked that she had gone to support Guillermina in her business presentations, so they thought the relationship between them was good.

“I went to her presentations once or twice. But it was to support my old man. I respect her and it’s okay, it’s her life. But I’ve never had much skin with her. He got along better with my sister (Micaela) than me. She is much calmer than me,” she clarified.

“Do you think it didn’t do your father any good?”, was another of the cross-reference questions they asked her, for things she herself had previously stated. “I kind of think so. My old man is always a very cheerful person, who loves to work. E It seems to me that you have stopped doing a lot of things in your relationship. I didn’t blame her because he is big too and they are choices. How he was cutting things“.

Cande let go and said what he thought of Guillermina Valdes.  instagram

Cande let go and said what he thought of Guillermina Valdes. instagram

“I felt like she might not be that supportive. Like she doesn’t like the show. In fact I think he swore he half-checked… He distrusted everyone and my old man is brave“He toured, giving his point of view on why Guillermina was part of the jury of look who sings (The Thirteen)

“I told him it wasn’t funny on the show, like he’d lost his spontaneity. With her sitting there, everything was much more attentive. it wasn’t loose“Concluded Marcelo’s eldest daughter.

Candelaria also analyzed the relationship between Marcelo and Guillermina: “At first I think they were very good and very much in love. Then it was surprising how they treated each other live. It didn’t generate anything for me, but the astrology thing seemed kind of boring to me. gave me an embolism. It was the moment when they gave her the floor. I was bored that year and that was the time I watched the show the least.”

The relationship between the children of Marcelo and Guillermina

Another of the questions that Cande was asked was whether part of the couple’s crisis had to do with the relationship between the childrenas assumed at the time.

Marcelo Tinelli in Punta del Este with his daughters Candelaria, Micaela and Juanita.

Marcelo Tinelli in Punta del Este with his daughters Candelaria, Micaela and Juanita.

“I think we grew up differently. They are other values. We are very polite and thankful but I didn’t see the same from the other side. There was something strange… like my old man had given them everything and they didn’t thank him for him. This was felt by all the brothers,” he said, leaving aside any kind of diplomacy in his words.

I think it rowed quite a bit, but it wore out a lot. He gave everything and more. We get along very well and I love Paula,” he commented when his teammates pointed out that Marcelo has always done everything for his children to get along, even if they are from different mothers.

“Why didn’t you see Paula before and now you see her?” she wanted to know Janina Latorre. After silence and with a mischievous smile, Cande stated that “That question answers itself. I don’t know, but Guille might have been annoyed. Now I think they see a lot,” he said, emphasizing the difference in his attitude. father.

“I don’t enter into his reports, but I tell him what I feel, always with the best. We have many dialogues and When I don’t see him well, I tell him on the love side. I saw him sadeven if you don’t cry.”

“I don’t see him as a couple soon. He is enjoying the solitude. Drink whisky, listen to cumbia. They really like cumbia and it’s a bone of contention between us, especially in Uruguay. He got up at 8 in the morning and put L-Ghent and it was like no… I love L-Gante but don’t listen to him at that moment,” Cande joked, much more relaxed than at the beginning.

Source: Clarin

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