María Onetto and her last interview: “You discover that you are living a life that you did not like”

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Maria Onetto released her last interview on April 20, 2022, the very day Hilda Bernard died and, on that occasion, the actress had a reflection on life after death.

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María Onetto, who died at the age of 56 this Thursday, March 2, aired in the cycle Machine gun livein the middle of a promotion for his stage show, Radioactive Valeria.

“Do you believe in signs, that a person is in another place other than not physically being?” The driver Juan Etchegoyen asked the actress at that moment, which she did not hesitate to investigate.

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“I once read a sentence that said: ‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience‘, so I think that in these things, I have never experienced anything of deceased people and that they feel like presences, but I try to dialogue a lot with that area”, Onetto began.

Maria Onetto.  Her death caused great grief in the artistic environment.

Maria Onetto. Her death caused great grief in the artistic environment.

the spiritual area

In this sense, Onetto elaborated on his explanation: “This spiritual area feeds my days a lot, I could tell you the things that lead us to be a little more united with it. It’s about not living in a non-automatic, not living in an alienation to the hours, an inertia where one thing follows another, and many times you are dissociated”.

“I observe a lot in myself and in others that people are dissociated, ie the body is there, but they are thinking of something else. It’s very sad to see, it’s something that generates a lot of dissatisfaction. What gives us the most satisfaction is that relationship of heart, thought and saying and when it is separated these things happen, even if you are living a beautiful relationship ”, added María.

And he continued giving his particular vision of things: “Everything that has to do with the relationship of nature and breaks, connecting with that, feeling like another species that lives on the planet of many, our body is a translator of our imaginary field and our feelings, diseases are an example, you found out you were living a life you didn’t like“, She said .

And he concluded: “This puts you on a more subtle plane, from there I get more satisfaction and acting has to do with that, art coexists with that and you have to be connected with nature is very effective.”

His death

María Onetto, in Damián Szifron

María Onetto, in Damián Szifron’s film “Wild Tales”.

With a long and varied career in theatre, film and television, María Onetto passed away this Thursday, March 2, at the age of 56. You were confirmed this Thursday by the Argentine Association of Actors. “It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our affiliate, the beloved actress María Onetto. Her prestigious and extensive career includes work in theatre, film and television. Our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones,” he reminded her the union in his Twitter account.

The actress shone in successful strips such as The Lionessproduced and performed by Pablo Echarri, which was seen on the Telefe screen. Even in movies like wild talesby Damian Szifron.

A few minutes later there were details provided by the police.

The staff of the District 14 B Police Station of the Municipal Police was transferred this afternoon to via Humboldt 2200, in the Palermo district because a woman did not answer the calls.

Upon arrival at the scene, the troops met the victim’s brother-in-law, who said he had not been able to contact her since February 27 and was suffering from depression following the loss of his mother.

As a result, and through a locksmith, he entered the house and the woman, the actress María Onetto, 56, was found lying on the bed without vital signs.

Maria Onetto.  L

Maria Onetto. The actress played a male character in Tato Pavlovsky’s “Power,” directed by Noman Briski

When the SAME doctor arrived, he confirmed her dead.

The National Penal and Penitentiary Attorney’s Office Number 24, headed by Dr. Marcelo Retes and before the Single Secretariat of Dr. Santoianni and Dr. Hermida, intervened in the case.

In November of last year he presented La mujer depressida, a solo show that opened the eighth edition of Nevadas Escénicas, the Bariloche International Festival of Performing Arts.

His latest work is not yet released: the series Star+ Ringo, on the life of the Argentine boxing champion Oscar “Ringo Bonavena”, in which he played his mother, Doña Dominga.

Source: Clarin

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