Fabián Cubero was allegedly prevented from leaving the country because he owed part of the child support

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the war between Nicholas Neumann AND Fabiano Cubero it seems to have no end. Now, second intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1.30pm), since then the former footballer has not been able to leave the country does not pay alimony of the three daughters he has with the model.

Thus Florencia de la V had anticipated it at the beginning of the series of shows. “The internal ones between Nicole and Cubero continue. He can’t leave the country. I thought this was a finished issue,” the host announced.

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Rapporteur Maite Peñoñori then provided more details on the matter: “The provision has to do with a food quota debt that amounts to 900,000 pesos”.

Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero, new crossing.

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Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero, new crossing.

“As a result, they issued a ban on him from leaving the country. If Fabián is going to take a plane today, he can’t take it.”added the speaker.

Furthermore, he said that a conflict has been generated since the beginning of the lessons. “I’m up in arms because Nicole ended up paying out of her own pocket for the girls to start school”He explained.

“At school there was a debt and they told him ‘if you don’t pay you won’t start’. And so that the girls could resume the school year, he paid more than the tuition, according to the agreement they have, it’s up to him to pay it,” Peñoñori explained.

According to him, the order was issued on February 28. “This is one of the measures that are taken when there is a violation of the maintenance quota. It is meant to be a measure that annoys and affects him. And the father is included in the list of defaulting debtors”.

And he explained that in other cases, his license was taken away or he was denied access to a football match, for example. “Nor can he access a loan from a bankfor example,” he added.

Fabián Cubero with Siena, Allegra, Indiana and Luca, the child with Mica Viciconte.  Photo: IG

Fabián Cubero with Siena, Allegra, Indiana and Luca, the child with Mica Viciconte. Photo: IG

“The debt you owe is from August to November 2022″, Never detailed. And he wouldn’t even pay Indiana, Allegra and Sienna’s college tuition.

“Today there are 938,000 pesos”said the speaker.

Furthermore, they detailed that Cubero had agreed with Nicole that he would take care of both of them the social work and school fees of the three girls, and in addition to that, he would pay a share of food.

For his part, Cubero would have asked to lower the figure since he doesn’t have his job as a footballer. “He asks to spend less because they say that when they agreed in 2018 he had a contract with Vélez but today he has less income,” he explained.

But Maite pointed out that on Nicole’s side they say: “It’s okay, you have less income but go to the Caribbean, go to Qatar, you are building…”.

Laura Ubfal, for her part, also told how they organized the division of assets. “They shared a house in Santa Barbara. They sold and kept half each. From there each built a new property. Both happy,” she said.

“But at the same time there is another property that is for sale in Tigre. So Cubero stopped paying and they are organizing the compensation issue. Let Nicole sell it and keep it as food share”explained the reporter.

The reality is that Cubero can’t pay the dues because nowadays he earns a tenth of what he was earning before,” added Ubfal.

Word of Mica Viciconte

in dialogue with intruders, Viciconte was consulted about her partner’s debt to Nicole’s daughters. “I have no idea. He’s a good father. I see it with Luca, it’s spectacular. I don’t want to get into it.”he stressed, without wanting to enter the controversy.

Source: Clarin

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