Delfina Wagner confirmed her romance with Alfa: how she met him, what she likes about him and where was her first date

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Versions of the love story between Alfa and Delfina Wagner, a 19-year-old journalist who works at Crónica TV, have emerged in recent days. Now, far from hiding, the young woman has spoken the bond that unites her to the former participant of Big Brother and surprised by his sayings.

in dialogue with The Ulises Jaitt Show (Radio XLFM), Wagner admitted that he is familiar with the media and defined it as “gentleman, intelligent and very attractive”.

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Walter had said on Monday that the young woman had written to him privately and now she has confirmed it. “In principle I spoke to him through the networks, It’s true what he said about Telefe. I take responsibility. I could see that we had very similar views on some aspects of life in general. I saw him as a very similar person to me,” she admitted.

One of the photos that Alfa and Delfina Wagner took over the weekend.  Photo: Instagram

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One of the photos that Alfa and Delfina Wagner took over the weekend. Photo: Instagram

“I told him ‘if I can collaborate with you, if we can meet, I’m happy and more than open to anything’. I’m helping him a lot with social media, That’s where it comes from,” he explained about the reason that brought them together.

While helping you with your public profiles, The young woman said Alpha doesn’t pay her but he does it because he likes being with him. “I work alone, I have my work in other places, as a panelist and community manager, so it’s not necessary,” she explained.

As for the outing they shared, Delfina said they went to Pepino, a bar located in San Isidro that the man visits often. “Many people approach the Alfa to ask for photos and also from behind, but I can’t keep an eye on it. We went to have a snack there and then we went to a motorcycle event that invited me”told.

At the same time, Wagner called Walter a person “extremely intelligent, very gentleman, very respectful, very humble towards other people, very interesting, and that has so many things to tell”.

Alfa took Delfina in his car.

Alfa took Delfina in his car.

In addition, the young woman has faced criticism that has arisen on the networks due to the age difference between her and the participant who will re-enter reality this Tuesday.

“It’s a matter of people. I’ve seen a lot of criticism… it’s not that we’re in a relationship, but I’ve seen on the net that many are putting that he could be my father, but he’s not. I think we’re in a moment that we need to overcome “, he said.

Later, Jaitt told him that Alfa has been telling the media that she looks like a woman to him. “Handsome” and that he was surprised by his intellectual level.

“He said that? I also complimented him a lot. As I said, he is a true gentleman, very respectful”, reiterated the young woman in dialogue with Natacha Jaitt’s brother.

When asked if they are getting to know each other on a more couple level, she explained: “Yes, I’d like to continue getting to know him.”

The young woman also agreed with Alfa that friendship could become something more. “He said he can fall in love and get married because you’re not his daughter,” the interviewer told him.

“Good. Sometimes people today want the most fleeting things and it’s rare to see someone so gentleman talk to you about commitment, knowing well, having that kind of thing. For my part, I don’t close myself in front of anything”, held.

Jaitt also consulted him about the photo that has come to light where he is seen grabbing his arm. “Trust me, not much more. It’s a nice gesture. Friendship for now,” he explained.

The photo where Delfina is seen grabbing Alfa's arm.

The photo where Delfina is seen grabbing Alfa’s arm.

“Were there kisses?”the driver asked her, to which she replied elusively: “He who is afraid of dying shouldn’t be born.”

“Alpha conquer a Delfina Wagner or a Carmen Barbieri. He’s a very attractive guy,” concluded the young woman.

Who is Delfina Wagner and how was her relationship with Chano?

In his social networks, Wagner defines himself as “the youngest political panelist in the country” and is characterized by sharing strong current affairs messages on his Twitter account. Also, he conducts interviews on his YouTube channel.

At the moment, Delfina works at The afternoon of the news, broadcast by the said channel at 14:00

Delfina Wagner and Chano were shown together in March 2022.

Delfina Wagner and Chano were shown together in March 2022.

But although the love story with Alfa made her known a little better, in March 2022 she had already made the news.

Is that Wagner has become popular on social networks for publication photo with Chano Charpentier in a hotel in Puerto Maderoimplying that they had spent the night together.

Source: Clarin

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