Lourdes de Bandana’s confession about her addiction problem: “I promise I’ll take care of myself”

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Lourdes Fernández, a former member of the pop group Bandana, was left without a registration after receiving a fine for driving with a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit. On her social networks, the singer shared the offense committed and apologized to her loved ones and her followers for this new relapse his fight against addictions.

From the Instagram account of THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8 p.m.) released the publication of Lourdes, who from her personal account, in which she barely has a small group of 177 followers, pointed out: “I’m sorry for everyone who helped me and trusted me blindly. And I promise I’ll get well.”

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Along with his words, the singer emerged from the reality show pop celebrities (2001) shared the offense for “driving with more alcohol in the blood than allowed or under the influence of drugs”.

The publication of Lourdes Fernández.  Instagram.

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The publication of Lourdes Fernández. Instagram.

For this reason, Lourdes was left without a license and must take a road safety course.

In another publication, with another tone, far from her confession and apology, Lourdes, which was part of the work of José María Muscari type and now continuing his solo career as Lowrdez, he lamented: “Give me back my registration. Just take our tax money.”

Complaint against her ex

Lourdes experienced a complicated end to 2022, after reporting her ex-partner for gender-based violence, Leandro Garcia Gomez.

In November, she shared a video on her Instagram account where she was seen covered in bruises. “Everyone in the building, according to him, was screaming because she was having panic attacks. If it happens, report it, don’t be afraid,” she wrote.

“He filmed me without my knowledge. He took nude photos of me without my consent. Or because I used to get drunk… I put things in my drink and I was always apologizing. Love is the absolute lack of suffering. Love doesn’t hurt,” he added of his ex.

Then, days later, the interpreter filed a gender-based violence complaint at a police station and obtained a panic button.

“During the time the relationship lasted, I was always abused. She denigrated me as a woman telling me I’m a pancake, that I’m easy”Lourdes recounted in the complaint, where she added: “One day he cut my extensions with a knife because he paid for them. The neighbors across the street saw everything and called the police. When the cops arrived I told them I didn’t want to make a complaint.”

Source: Clarin

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