After denouncing that he is ‘all guns’, Rodrigo Fernández Rumi opened up and told the truth about ‘Big Brother’

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After the controversy generated by his video on Big Brother, Rodrigo Fernández Rumiwinner of the 2012 Argentinian edition, he returned to the net to clarify his statements.

The former participant He had ensured that the reality show had been fixed and had made scandalous statements.

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Among other things, he stated that the isolation of the program was not true and that when he competed, the players had the opportunity to talk to their family once a week, but now he’s backtracked.

“Surely you will say I’m a moron and I am. The previous video is all a lie. Big Brother It’s 100% real, or at least what I experienced,” he was honest in a new video he recorded on his Tik Tok account, where he has more than 1 million followers.

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Fernández Rumi is currently a tiktoker and has one million followers.

Fernández Rumi is currently a tiktoker and has one million followers.

And he added: “I was the youngest in the house, I come from Victoria, Entre Ríos, I did not know any manufacturer of Telefe. I sent a video online, they called me for an interview. I went and I passed and I passed. Until one day, after several steps, all very crazy, there were 10 days left until the start of the program, I was already very sad and thought no, they called me and said: “Rodrigo, I wanted to let you know that you have been selected to enter the house of Big Brother“.

Furthermore, Fernández Rumi assured that he is “a fan of Big Brother” because he knows “how it feels to be in there”. “It is an experience that I will never forget in my life and I am convinced that it is not fixed”he said about it.

Then he reflected: “Why would they choose me to win? I was neither the most controversial, nor the prettiest, nor the best. You can check it the same way Big Brother What are you seeing now? The last thing that suits production is for Coti to leave, for Alfa to leave. It’s the people who generated the content, that’s why they later add things like attendees entering or dogs entering.

According to the man from Entre Ríos, in 2012 “There were other much cooler entrants to win” but the downvote made people delete them. “They never told me what to do Big Brotherand I won”he concluded.

What had been the controversial statements of Rodrigo Fernández Rumi against “Big Brother”

This Tuesday, before the expected entry of Alfa into the most famous house in the country, he reappeared on the networks Rodrigo Fernández Rumi and generated controversy with a video in which he revealed the alleged behind-the-scenes of the reality show.

Is that ten years later, after saying that his contractual relationship with the production of the competition had ended, the former participant recounted his experience and launched: “It is all ready.”

In a video that he uploaded to his Tik Tok account and then went viral on several social networks, Rodrigo told his followers: “For those who haven’t known me for a long time, I was in a Big Brother and I was the victor”.

Rodrigo Fernández, former participant and winner of "Big Brother 2012".

Rodrigo Fernández, former participant and winner of “Big Brother 2012”.

The young man, who currently works as an actor, showed the gigantic check that was handed to him on the day of his victory (the prize at that time was 750,000 pesos dollars) and remarked: “This is the check… clearly not the real one. It’s what they give you when you leave the show, for the cameras.”

“And since so many have asked me… Yes, Argentinian big brother It is all ready”, accused. And then he told of the alleged agreement that there was: “In the confessional, the production tells you who you should argue with, suggests who to name…”.

“Even once a week you can talk to a family member from the confessional. Just five minutes, but something is something,” she said.

The truth is that less than 24 hours after the video went viral, she accepted her mistake and acknowledged that what she had posted was a lie.

Source: Clarin

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