Big Brother’s La Tora opened up about LAM: her sex addiction and the bond she had with Nacho at home

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Lucilla, nicknamed The Torahrecently eliminated, for the second time, from Big Brother (Telefe, 10.15 pm) was live on THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle led by Ángel De Brito. There, he opened up about the most delicate issues: his sex addictionthe kind of relationship he had in the house of reality Nacho and the rude treatment he gave his mother Gladys.

He’s a colt and I’m a match for Nacho. He is very attentive, very good and very humanLa Tora said this when asked by De Brito about his feelings towards the former roommate with whom he is in a relationship. Or at least, she had it in the house of the reality show that leads Santiago Del Moro.

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In turn, they asked him for his opinion on Rodolfo Castañares, Nacho’s father, which he was able to heal during the days when he, along with the relatives of other players. shared with the participants. The Torah enthused: “I love Rodo! We were all dead at home and he encouraged us with his attitude.”

La Tora spoke about her relationship with Nacho: did they have sex in the Big Brother house?  Catch TV.

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La Tora spoke about her relationship with Nacho: did they have sex in the Big Brother house? Catch TV.

A little bit later, They wanted to know if, as some rumors said, she and Nacho had had sexual relations at the house of[persona]. Big Brother. Lucila was strict: “Nacho and I didn’t have sex at home. It was very clear to both of us that there, no. We didn’t want to show it on Big Brother. We didn’t want to show it to the whole country.”

At one point De Brito recalled that Lucila had defined herself in her presentation video on the reality show “sex addict” and for this he asked her to tell how she had managed that addiction inside the house since she hadn’t had sex for a long time.

Lucila explained that while editing her introduction video, they hadn’t left the part where she said it “Sex addiction has been a phase in my life.” She added: “My sex addiction was about four years ago. I’m fine now.”

When asked if she had been “jealous of Julieta, because of her relationship with Nacho” in the game, La Tora stated, “No, I have never been jealous of her. because Nacho was stuck with Romi and Juli, and I gave her that space. I’m jealous. But I’ve never been jealous of Juliet.”

La Tora, in LAM: "I

La Tora, in LAM: “I’ve never been jealous of Juliet”. Catch TV.

The Torah and its change of attitude with the Alpha

To any viewer of Big Brother the evidence of the change of attitude that La Tora demonstrated on his return to his homeland escaped him. During her first stay, she was combative and had very difficult interbreeding with Alpha. However, when she came back, she dropped several changes. “You also hugged with Alpha”they billed you THEY.

The Torah stated, “On returning home, I changed my ways because I was out I understood that people wanted something quieter, I wanted don’t confront“.

It wasn’t easy for him, he said, to control his impulsive nature. “He breathed 28 times in order not to jump in certain situations He admitted. And when he saw that he could not control it, he went to the psychologist“.

Nazarena Vélez collided with the Alfa issue: “We saw you cry incredibly because you saw that what that man was doing with women wasn’t right and when you came back you hugged him…”.

La Tora recalled reacting vehemently when he made the famous comment to Coti, which was meant to be a “joke,” about the size of his penis. And he pointed out: “But later I saw Coti say it was a lie, yes, no… Everything has changed so much… I heard that she, the same one who had told me, then she said she hadn’t it annoyed her… And I had made that argument my own, so…».

“Did you hear it wasn’t your war?” De Brito said. And Lucila confirmed that her feelings were exactly like that.

La Tora, in LAM: "I saw that people didn

La Tora, in LAM: “I saw that people didn’t want me to confront myself”. Catch TV.

La Tora, the abuse suffered as a girl and the relationship with her mother

As it could not be otherwise, the object of the rude treatment that La Tora has given his mother Gladys since he visited the house has returned. “If he was in for one day, that’s fine. But that he was in for a living and we didn’t even know for how many days, I wasn’t taken.”

That said, it was more than that: “I signed a contract to live with people I don’t know, not people I know. I don’t want to live with her or expose her. Indeed, my mother had a panic attack before entering the house“.

“When I got angry, it was because she was throwing information at me from the outside. She told me, for example, about the fifth dose of the Covid vaccine. And inside they don’t know anything about the fifth dose…”.

La Tora, on LAM: "My mother had a panic attack before entering Big Brother".  Catch TV.

La Tora, on LAM: “My mother had a panic attack before entering Big Brother”. Catch TV.

I’m a grown girl and I want my space to live on its own. I don’t want to live with my mother,” she said.

De Brito then got into a thorny issue: “You said that you were abused as a girl and that they didn’t believe you at the time. Did this complicate the relationship between you and your mother? Because we speculated about this here…”.

“I don’t want to talk about this”, Lucilla planted. With tears, Nazarena Vélez apologized to the interviewee for the fact that the program had speculated on a sensitive subject such as what La Tora suffered when she was a girl.

Source: Clarin

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