Oscars 2023: Ricardo Darín has confirmed that he will be present at the ceremony

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When it became known that Argentina, 1985 had been nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best International Film, its protagonist Ricardo Darín surprised by saying that he did not know if he would go to the delivery.

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The Oscars are presented this Sunday, March 21, from 9:00pm. In this 95th edition, in the category of best international film, Argentina, 1985 will compete against No news at the front. from Germany; Neighborfrom Belgium; EOfrom Poland, e The quiet girlfrom Ireland.

The film directed by Santiago Mitra adds a new presence in a foreign competition, this time the most important in the sector, when it has already won 10 international awards and still has 14 Platinum Award nominations, a record in the history of Ibero-American film awards.

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Ricardo Darín, in the role of the prosecutor Julio Strassera, in a scene from "Argentina, 1985".  (Amazon Studios via AP)

Ricardo Darín, in the role of the prosecutor Julio Strassera, in a scene from “Argentina, 1985”. (Amazon Studios via AP)

What had Darin said?

“I hadn’t used the anxiety machine much, until now we turned on the TV to see what was going on and yes, it’s a joy, of course”, Ricardo Darín confirmed a few minutes after finding out who the candidates finally were.

“We walked the film to many places where they didn’t know anything about the story, they didn’t master the subject and I think what is highly appreciated is the script, the direction and the performances. After, of course, yes The vindication of what that extraordinary process meant is of great value.unique on our continent, and I think this pushes too, but the film was considered in general terms, as a film, “he said in dialogue with Reynaldo Sietecase on Radio Con Vos (FM 89.9).

He also talked about the rest of the films nominated in the same category and even dared to say which ones are his favorites.

“I know almost all of them. It’s hard to talk about possibilities when things are in other people’s hands, from other perspectives, but I loved it Neighbor.

Peter Lanzani and Ricardo Darín, Argentina, 1985." (Amazon Studios via AP)

Peter Lanzani and Ricardo Darín, Argentina, 1985.” (Amazon Studios via AP)

He then referred to No news at the front“which is a remake, it has amazing cinematography, it is incredibly done, it is also worth saying with budgets that are not ours, for my taste it is missing something but it is very much appreciated. It is also nominated for best picture, so it is the big favourite, it is very well done.”

The same day he learned of the appointment, Darín spoke with Adrián Pallares in Socios del spectacularization, his program El Trece. And he raised questions about his attendance at the gala.

“I don’t know if I’ll go,” she said and said she wasn’t at the Oscars when either The secret of her eyess, which also starred him, raised his statuette in 2010.

That time the director, Juan José Campanella, and another of the protagonists, Guillermo Francella, were present. Meanwhile, Darín traveled to accompany El hijo de la novia, which he did not win. For this he explained that with Argentina 1985 he would prefer not to go “by cabala”.

what he said now

In the last few hours, however, it was the actor himself who clarified any doubts and went back on his words and confirmed that he will participate in the event. “Yes, dear Andrea, I had to review my previous statements. Of course I will go. tomorrow we travelI have to follow the film to the end,” he assured in a chat with Andrea Taboada on City Channel.

“In my capacity as the protagonist of the film and also as a producer, this is a time when you can’t get the body out. We have traveled a long, extraordinary, glorious journey and we are all very happy and satisfied, satisfied with everything that has been done up to now. But if it happens, for those things that life has, hypothetically, I cancel mufa, it would be the icing on the cake. But yes, I’m going there, it won’t take many days because I’m working on other things, but it’s the last stage,” added Ricardo Darín.

And he concluded: “We’ve been accompanying her everywhere for six months, let alone that now I can’t get off. So let’s hope we have a joy and if not, anyway we’re very happy that we got here.”

Source: Clarin

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