“Formulas that work”, the electoral spot by Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo which appeals to a symbol of Cordoba before defining who will be the candidate for governor

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Pending the results of a poll that will serve to define which of the two will be the pre-candidate for governor of Córdoba in the Juntos por el Cambio stage, Senator Luis Juez and the deputy Rodrigo de Loredo have once again published an electoral spot say hello to IL possibility to share the formula.

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They did it with a video that is as simple as it is symbolic for the people of Cordoba. The scene is one that is repeated every day in every corner of the province, regardless of social class: ice, fernet and Coca Cola. These are the three ingredients of a infallible formula for those latitudes and beyond.

Juez and de Loredo bet on this symbolic charge to claim to be one the best option to govern the province and replace the current president, Juan Schiaretti.

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Formulas that work for Córdoba“, both captioned their social networks by posting the video. The plural is not whimsical: one is the formula of fernet with coca, the other is what they bring.

Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo take fernet in the campaign commercial in which they agitate the possibility of being a formula in the upcoming elections.

Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo take fernet in the campaign commercial in which they agitate the possibility of being a formula in the upcoming elections.

In the commercial, De Loredo puts ice and fernet in two glasses and Judge adds Coca Cola. Then they each raise their glass and take a sip, as the camera pans away and they nod, noting that the drink is well made.

However There are mysteries that have not yet been revealed. It is that the two leaders are awaiting the results of a poll being carried out in the province and which they will use to define who will be the candidate for governor and who will accompany them.

This video is not the first campaign. In recent days, both have shared a photo of their backs with a song in the background that assures that “it will be very beautiful”. That same phrase they chose to title the video they shared at the same time.

Two days later, the video the two shared shows them hugging and campaigning at various events. In the background “Después de ti”, an emblematic piece by Alejandro Lerner but in a quartet version.

as reported clarion days ago. The executives of Juntos por el Cambio commissioned consultants Francisco Venturini and Rodrigo Vera to carry out a survey on the families to define whether they would formalize their aspirations. on which they work 1,400 cases between the capital and the interior of the province.

“Variables such as the intention to vote will be measured with hypotheses of different scenarios and formulas of the candidates, as well as the potential of the candidates, the images and problems of the citizens”, they specified from the environment of Rodrigo de Loredo.

They estimate that next week they will have the results in hand and define whether they will compete for the governorship. They want to justify their candidacy, also claimed by Mario Negri in the coalition, with the analysis of concrete data. “We do not exclude any alternative and will give priority to unity”, they clarify.

Source: Clarin

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