One year after the death of Gerardo Rozín: the heartbreaking message of Eugenia Quibel, his last companion

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This Saturday, March 11, marked one year since the physical departure of the journalist and pilot Gerard Rozin and it was his last couple, Eugenie Quibel, who very emotionally wrote a heartbreaking open letter in his tribute.

The presenter, who accompanied the journalist from Rosario until his last breath, decided to remember him publicly through a moving post that he uploaded to his Instagram account. “One year – miss you, processing, see you in dreams, accept and move on. Sometimes it feels like fiction”began to write Eugenia.

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Reality crossed us unjustly and suddenly, and robbed you and took you I don’t know where. I accompanied you as you chose, and it was in peace, leaving a deep void in front of everyone, and in me a series of lessons and certainties that I didn’t want to receive, not now, much less in this way,” added Quibel.

Eugenia Quibel, the last companion of Gerardo Rozín, dedicated a moving message to him a year after his death.

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Eugenia Quibel, the last companion of Gerardo Rozín, dedicated a moving message to him a year after his death.

“Today I feel whole and serene. The anguish that initially manifested itself in the most absurd moments was found in a less uncomfortable and more digestible place. Ultimately the mind is wise and selective. The thousand memories of all our years together appear clearer today and bring me more smiles than tears. That’s how I choose it. That’s how you asked me. Because you were always doing comedies in the end,” the announcer continued.

And he concluded in the moved letter that he published together with a photo of Gerardo, both smiling: “I keep the most precious legacy with me, a group of friendly people, in whom I trust and sometimes I find you, with whom we can laugh and remember you just as you would like it to happen. Thank you for us. Gera, in me forever.”

Eugenia Quibel with Gerardo Rozin.

Eugenia Quibel with Gerardo Rozin.

Gerardo Rozín’s family has published an unpublished letter from the driver

His family, on this special date, has decided to share a moving letter that the man from Rosario wrote before his death.

It was the children of Gerardo Rozín, Elena and Pedro, and their mothers, Carmela Bárbaro and Mariana Basualdo, who published on their networks the text that the communicator wrote in early April 2021, after the doctors communicated the diagnosis of his definitive illness.

In a post they have published on their Instagram accounts, they have shared a series of photos in which Rozín is seen at different times in her life, always smiling.

“Elena and Pedro, sons of Gerardo, together with their mothers Carmela and Mariana, we want to share this text today, one year after his death. Every day we think of Gerardo: his absence takes up a lot of space but his memory is also a real company”they assured.

“The anniversaries, however, also have a weight outside the family. To all the people who loved him or who appreciated the television he made, as well as thanking them for their support and affection, we dedicate these lines that Gerardo wrote the moment he received the diagnosis”. a video.

The moving letter that Gerardo Rozín wrote before he died

The family of Gerardo Rozín has published the full text that the producer and journalist of Rosario wrote: “I will say that I am happy. That I have a ten-year-old daughter and a twenty-year-old son, and I am about to die knowing that I leave you the certainty that they were loved. Much loved. They have values ​​to embrace and to discuss, but they don’t start without ideas. That’s a lot.”

“We have been people who laugh a lot, we like irony and not sarcasm. We have many thanks for having done together, but it is known that these goodbyes leave empty spaces. I am smiling. I have always cried, but in the face of the inevitable, what will come in a short time, I do not feel entitled to complain,” said the emotional lyric.

The emotional statement of Gerardo Rozín's family.

The emotional statement of Gerardo Rozín’s family.

“It’s not that I don’t recognize my faults, but that everyone makes mistakes and it seems to me that I was more in the good team than in the others. I’m proud of something: in commercial television I was able to do cycles related to human rights without them, no one asked me, looking for those spaces in the entertainment cloud. And I think I produced some exciting and fun moments,” she continues.

“I really loved the couples I had. And I had the gift of making my friends laugh a lot. I’m not a believer, I don’t bring anything with me, but I let them laugh that I made them laugh. I am one of the people who make them it made me laugh more. It’s another great pride of mine. I can add a few jokes about it but I’m certainly not in the mood. Losing them and losing them hurts me as much as they know,” Gerardo wrote with deep sorrow before his departure .

“If anyone misses me in any Rosary or Uruguayan song, in Charles Lloyd’s sax, in Bowie or in the faith that Montaner sings, he will find me. Always,” the journalist asked in the letter.

“I grew up in the 80s and I feel compelled to express some principles, a behavior that was very fashionable in those years: I am Jewish, social democrat and from the centre. Ah, in Com’è bello vivere I always look forward to sharing a film together. Anyway , yes, you see that I don’t appear, you start to see it, ”he continued.

And he concluded: “Not much to add, more due to lack of time than ideas. Let’s say that we have shared three very worthy seasons and that I am happy to leave knowing that the ones you will produce will be even better”.

Source: Clarin

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