Cinthia Fernández and a lightning bolt to the mother of Matías Defederico: “Until God calls her, she will continue to fuck”

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Cinzia Fernandez she’s still on a war footing with her ex-husband, Mattia Defedericoand his relatives, who support and defend him from his complaints.

On this occasion, the conflict started because Fernández was consulted about her relationship with the paternal grandmother of her daughters and his answer surprised more than one.

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In detail, one of his followers asked the media: “Hi Cin, tell me what happened to your ex mother-in-law who keeps fucking you”.

“Until God Calls Her For Childbirth, She Will Keep Fucking”was the ex-model’s emphatic response.

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Analía Frascino with her son, Matías Defederico, and Cinthia Fernández.

Analía Frascino with her son, Matías Defederico, and Cinthia Fernández.

But there was more. Is that the speaker of Nosotros a la mañana (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 9:30) uploaded a video of her in her Instagram stories where appears mocking the mother of the father of her daughters.

Without mentioning it, the media expressed: “Maybe I’m a donkey but at least not a psychiatrist… My God, why don’t you go out for a while? Go stamp you lovethrow some casino chips”.

“Go to Eleven to buy a wig that could be very beautiful, huhit can look very good on you, or go find a better eyebrow tattoo artist, I don’t know, check it out, but leave me alone, it’s a world out there…”, continued Cinthia.

The release of Matías Defederico's sister.

The release of Matías Defederico’s sister.

Those strong words, with which they were associated Analia Frascinothe mother of matiassince on several occasions Cinthia said yes gambling problemsthey are angry with Macarena Defederico one of the sisters of the former striker of Huracán and Independiente, among other teams.

“While you make videos talking and wishing my mother deadWe spent a Sunday with family. I hope that one day you can make it happen», Macarena began by replying, even without naming her, to Cinthia.

And followed: “I don’t know what kind of human being you are… Likewise, I wish that one day you can let go of all that hate you carry inside.. Only for them, that’s the only thing that matters.”

“Ahahahaha they tell me because of a cockroach that someone is taking possession… calm nesting of (snake emoticon) I didn’t name names, don’t be nervous“, were the first words that the media responded to her ex-sister-in-law.

Cinthia Fernández's answer.  Instagram.

Cinthia Fernández’s answer. Instagram.

And I conclude: “And the year has 365 days, don’t play the family game every six months. Let me go.”

Cinthia Fernández showed how much Matías Defederico spends on alimony

The latest conflict between Cinthia and Defederico was over the alimony of the three daughters they share, Charis, Bella and Francesca.

The media showed in their networks the amount that he transferred to her for the maintenance of the three little ones. She shared a screenshot of the transfer she received from her ex, who reads it received 55 thousand pesos.

“Go on vacation for the third time in the summer, build and resell, have a business, a high-end car and other properties, the fighter can, but for food and supplies, noooo”Cynthia wrote.

Cinthia Fernández and her denunciation of Matías Defederico.  instagram.

Cinthia Fernández and her denunciation of Matías Defederico. instagram.

And he continued: “55 thousand dollars for three girls and get ready.”

“$163,539 for not being poor,” Cinthia added in the post, referring to the basic basket.

Source: Clarin

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