Delfina Wagner told the whole truth about her relationship with Alfa

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The images of Walter Alfa Santiago de Big Brother to kisses with the journalist Delfina Wagner At the party organized by the former participant, everyone was surprised. On the one hand, due to the age difference, he is 60 and she is 19. But also because, until then, both had declared themselves “just friends”.

Wagner was a guest on the show Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 11:15) and revealed the whole truth about his relationship with the controversial character of the reality: how did you meet and if you see each other in the future with him.

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At the beginning of the interview, the first question Georgina Barbarossa asked was: “Are you Alfa’s girlfriend?” To which Delfina replied: “No, no, she already said it, we are friends.” And the driver retorted: “But they were very caramelised…”.

Alfa and Delfina Wagner kiss at a party.

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Alfa and Delfina Wagner kiss at a party.

“Yes, we were in a bowling alley, at a party,” explained the young woman about the images of her kiss with Alfa at the party alumni meeting of “Big Brother” which he organized in a bowling alley in Palermo.

Regarding how the relationship with Walter began, Delfina said: “I wrote to him to help him with social networkswhich is what we did.” “I wrote him for a song that came up, he invited me to lunch and that’s how we met,” she recalled.

With a certain irony, Barbarossa replied: “How much do you want to help with social networks”. “What if, when i like someone why notthat’s what anyone would do,” she replied defensively.

Alfa and Delfina Wagner together in a bowling alley.

Alfa and Delfina Wagner together in a bowling alley.

In a gentler tone, Georgina tried to get her to tell the air what was wrong with Alfa: “Do you like it a bit?” To which Wagner confessed: “Yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have kissed him there at the bowling alley.”

Sharp with questions, the morning show host continued, “Would you continue a relationship with him?” “If he wants me to be his girlfriend, he has to ask me”the young woman answered firmly, about what can be expected from the future of this relationship.

Subsequently, he made an important clarification: “There is no romance with Alpha, we are just friends“. And flattered the controversial participant of Big Brother: “With me he always behaved like a gentlemanI have nothing but praise for him; When I met him I felt he was a lot like me.”

Wagner has responded to criticism for dating Alfa, 40 years her senior

When asked about the future of her relationship with Walter, Delfina Wagner wondered: “How can a relationship between two people thrive, if there is people all day throwing bad vibes because of age issue?” “People from both media and social networks,” she said.

Delfina Wagner was a guest of A la Barbarossa on Telefe.  Catch TV.

Delfina Wagner was a guest of A la Barbarossa on Telefe. Catch TV.

“They talk about feminism, we are in the month of womenbut there are people like Gastón Trezeguet who said I wanted to go out with him (for Alfa) because he’s famous”, reflected the journalist regarding the words of the speaker from Big Brother and the recent commemoration of International Women’s Day on March 8.

This is demeaning someone who has worked in television for over a yearbelittling my job just to be with a famous person,” the young woman complained.

Source: Clarin

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