The Last of Us finished and broke audience records in Europe and Latin America

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The Series The Last of Us (The Last of Us), whose first season has just ended, has become the most watched so far on the HBO Max audiovisual platform in Europe and Latin America, Warner Bros. Discovery reported Tuesday (March 14).

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Featured the final chapter of the first season of this apocalyptic drama, which aired last Sunday 8.2 million viewers on HBO Max and linear streams, according to audience analytics firm Nielsen and data from Warner.

The main competition in the programming of the gala, the season finale of The Last of Usdrew 8.2 million viewers on HBO and HBO Max. It’s worth clarifying that the chapter kicked off at 9pm NYC (0100 GMT) an hour after the Oscars kicked off.

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The Last Of Us, HBO's new apocalyptic drama, will premiere on Sunday the 15th.

The Last Of Us, HBO’s new apocalyptic drama, will premiere on Sunday the 15th.

The 95th Academy Awards, which aired Sunday on the ABC television network, drew an estimated 18.7 million viewers in the United States, according to preliminary data from Fast National.Live+Same Day released Monday by the chain.

The figure represents a 12% increase from last year’s ceremony, but is still low from previous years.

Valentina Paloma Pinault, Salma Hayek, Pedro Pascal and Javiera Balmaceda at the Oscars.  photo by AFP

Valentina Paloma Pinault, Salma Hayek, Pedro Pascal and Javiera Balmaceda at the Oscars. photo by AFP

The series, starring the Chilean-American Peter Pascal, averaged 30.4 million viewers over its first six episodes, with the opening chapter approaching 40 million in the United States.

Outside the American circuit, The Last of Us It is now the most-watched program in HBO Max’s history in Europe and Latin America, the company said.

The drama debuted to 4.7 million viewers in January and showed steady growth during its first season despite increased competition from live sports broadcasts and award shows, Warner said in a statement.

Last Sunday night’s final audience marked a 75% increase in late night viewership for the debut over the series premiere.

The series, based on a video game of the same title, is a dystopian adventure after the Earth has been devastated by a pandemic caused by Cordyceps, a fungus that, due to global warming, adapts to infect people by turning them into zombies assassins. .

In addition to Pascal, the cast includes the British Bella Ramsey, the American Ashley Johnson and the Australian Ana Torv.

The shot at the end of The Last of Us Continue to bring queue and (spoiler, of course) one of the things that go round our heads is that “Okay” (Fade to black) with which the ninth and final episode of season 1 of the HBO Max series ends.

One last sentence, from the mouth of Ellie (Bella Ramsey), in response to all the milonga that Joel (Pedro Pascal) had told her about what really happened in the hospital. However, Ramsey’s last shot wasn’t the only closure considered by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann… but we almost see an alternate ending.

A less ambiguous ending

One that, in fact, narrowly escaped us. In this alternate ending, the scene has been lengthened a bit, with Ellie resuming the march and Joel following her. Something that was an idea of ​​Ali Abbasi, the director of the finale, and which Mazin defines as follows:

“Change was really something Ali Abbasi, our director, wanted to play with. He had this idea to play with this slightly longer, sadder version where Ellie says ‘ok’ and turns and walks away. chases We see them walking, not quite together but apart, as they walk towards Jackson. It lingers and then vanishes.

“There was something beautiful about that. Everyone was like ‘what do we do?’ and there was this meta-debate about whether people who played the game would be more upset that they didn’t get it the way it was supposed to be.” Or will they be more upset because they took what they already had before, and if so, how will others feel?

“Ultimately, there’s something very specific about ending that close-up of Ellie. You don’t know what happens next. She walks away from him, she walks with him, how does it feel? That moment hangs in the air forever (…) I think people will get angry!”

This scene ultimately fell into the final cut’s editing room when it was labeled “soft”. In fact, it slipped into a draft release before being scrapped and that caused some disagreement between HBO and the creators of the series.

Source: Clarin

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