Barby Franco’s emotional post for her daughter, who is still hospitalized

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While she remains hospitalized at the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment (IADT), following a urinary infection, the daughter of Fernando Burlando and Barby Franco, Sarah Burlando, turned three months old,

To celebrate your improved health, Barbie made an emotional post on her account From instagramin which she told in the first person, as if she were Sarah Burlando, how she feels and what has happened to her these days.

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“Today I turn three months old and I celebrate it here, luckily I feel very well”, said Burlando’s wife, giving voice to her daughter, who still can’t speak. In the post, the mother confirmed that the child had a fever of 39.6° and that she was a bacterium that caused the urinary infection.

Barbie Franco's post on Instagram.

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Barbie Franco’s post on Instagram.

Regarding the progress on the state of health of the little girl, the woman from Burlando highlighted: “Fortunately, we are killing the little bug.”

In the post, which so far accumulates 160 thousand pleases and more than 4 thousand comments, the family thanked the “nice messages” he sent them.

Sarah Burlando's photo uploaded by Barby Franco.  Instagram.

Sarah Burlando’s photo uploaded by Barby Franco. Instagram.

the publication, bearing the signature of Sarah BurlandoSince her mother wrote it in the first person, as if it were her, she clarified: “We’ll be going home with my dogs soon.” Even if he avoided specifying the date in which you will receive your medical discharge.

In the different photos who raised the influencers you can see the child in a good mood, despite being hospitalized, his mother Barbie sleeps next to her and in another, Fernando lying on the stretcher, with her youngest daughter, resting on her chest.

Fernando and Sarah Burlando's photo uploaded by Barby Franco.  Instagram.

Fernando and Sarah Burlando’s photo uploaded by Barby Franco. Instagram.

The visit of the mother of Fernando Báez Sosa

According to Barbie in a communication with the magazine faces, “There are very few people” who can visit the girl in the clinic, because she is very young. One of those people who is allowed to go is Graciela Sosathe teenager’s mother beaten to death at Villa Gesell in 2020.

Fernando Báez Sosa's mother with Sarah Burlando.  Photo: Instagram.

Fernando Báez Sosa’s mother with Sarah Burlando. Photo: Instagram.

“She came and put her to sleep, sang to her, and Sarihta fell asleep in his arms.”Franco revealed as he told it Sosa also brought her a frame of the babywhich is placed next to the image of the Virgin untying the knots.

He bond between the Burlando family and the Báez Sosas It started when the lawyer offered to represent them pro bono in their son’s murder trial, which concluded in February of this year.

Since then they have become very close and had already seen each other on other occasions. Fernando’s parents with Sarah.

When is Sarah Burlando expected to resign?

The child was hospitalized last Saturday and, according to his family, leave is expected new doctor next weekend.

“We have at least another seven days left. He’s on a drip, but he’s getting better. It made us very worried.”recognized the Burlando in dialogue with scoop now last Monday afternoon.

The photo of Fernando and Sarah Burlando that Barby Franco posted.  instagram

The photo of Fernando and Sarah Burlando that Barby Franco posted. instagram

“Although the situation is not a cause for concern, being so small and operated intravenously, it requires that she remain hospitalized”, explained Gonzalo Vázquez in intruders (America, Monday to Friday 1.30pm).

Source: Clarin

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