Juana Repetto confessed to being “worried and distressed” about her son Toribio’s behavior at school

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A week after celebrating her wedding with Sebastián Graviotto, Joan Repetto she opened her heart and confessed to her followers that she was very worried about one of her children: Toribiowho has just started first grade.

Is that the influencers she is characterized by sharing the details of her daily life with her husband, her son Toribioborn in 2016 after undergoing artificial insemination, e belisariusthe child you have in common with your partner.

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The truth is that the daughter of reech reech AND Nicholas Repetto he shows their children’s education and is very honest with them followerswhich are more than a million on Instagram, to which he tells not only the “good”, but also the complications that arise on a daily basis.

Juana Repetto spoke about Toribio's bad time.  Instagram.

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Juana Repetto spoke about Toribio’s bad time. Instagram.

On this occasion, in a series of stories on the aforementioned social network, Juana spoke about Toribio, and explained that she felt frustrated because the six-year-old He would have some trouble adjusting to the school and his peer group.

The actress has ensured that, after the start of the 2023 school year, her son went to the home of some of his classmates, however he has some behaviors that prove it I wasn’t going to enjoy myself “well enough”.

In addition, he told how he feels about the situation, admitting that he feels guilty about what is happening to his eldest son and assuring that he is looking for resources to try to accompany him in this very special moment in the best possible way.

The actress has opened up about how she feels about her son's situation.  Instagram.

The actress has opened up about how she feels about her son’s situation. Instagram.

“You know I like sharing the post with you, even when all is not rosy. I know this brings us closer and sometimes it relieves us to know that we are not alone,” Repetto wrote on Instagram.

“He enters school well, calmly, he went to the house of several classmates and everything went very well. But he behaves in a way at school that shows he wouldn’t enjoy it, which is what worries me the most.”, he added later.

And he continued: “In addition to He doesn’t have an easy time adapting to the dynamics of the first grade or of the group in general, shall we say”.

“Much love, patience, listen, validate and work at home what I can”condemned.

In another headstone, Toribio’s mother said she was distressed by the situation: “Meanwhile I… frustrated, anguished, worried, I take care of myself, I blame myself, I think back”.

Repetto thanked his followers.  Instagram.

Repetto thanked his followers. Instagram.

“I was already wrong in my approach to the subject and I recapitulated, I corrected. And here I continue to think about the resources to best accompany him ”, she concluded.

A few hours later, Juana again shared a story in which she thanked her followers: “Hey! Thanks to me and thanks for sharing!”

“Once again… WE ARE NOT ALONE! I embrace all of us,” she concluded.

Juana Repetto's post before Toribio started first grade.  Instagram.

Juana Repetto’s post before Toribio started first grade. Instagram.

It should be remembered that at the end of February the actress had been very enthusiastic about the start of the lessons and had shared a photo on her networks together with a moved message dedicated to her son Toribio.

“Love of my life, you are so great. What time is first grade? You’re in elementary school, WOW! I wish you the best in this new phase that begins, I hope it brings you lots of fun, new friends, happy times, learning and growth,” Juana wrote.

Source: Clarin

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