Pity Álvarez sang again: “It looked good, very active”

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After Too bad Alvarez released from prison and removed from his electronic anklet, little was known about him. Until the last few hours it was a trend on social media. What happened? A video of him singing went viral “Everything remains the same”, one of the hits of his former band Viejas Locas.

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After several crossings of users on whether or not it was an old video, Pablo Magallanes, one of the musicians who shared the stage, confirmed that the former Viejas Locas actually sang some songs: “Of course it was him, really good , the Pieta was seen active“, he recounted in a conversation with the TN channel.

The short video that went viral was recorded this Sunday when Pity took the stage to sing with the band “Los Notables del Oeste”, in a therapeutic community located in the Del Viso area. There, he was seen wearing a cap, gray waistcoat, and dark sneakers.

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Pity Álvarez sang again.  It was Sunday at Del Viso.  Photo: file

Pity Álvarez sang again. It was Sunday at Del Viso. Photo: file

“It was a good experience to have shared some time with guys who want to recover. At the festival there were guys who came home, who were with their family and hugged, but there were also other guys who were just entered”. the percussionist said.

From the little that could be seen on the Internet, Pity sang at least two classics: one from Viejas Locas and another from Intoxicados. One was”Everything stays the same“; and the other “They want rock.”

The judicial situation of Pietà

Cristian Pity Álvarez was tried in July 2018 for the murder of a resident of the Samoré neighborhood of Villa Lugano. He was in prison until June last year when he was transferred to his home with an electronic anklet under the “home prison” regime.

But, at the beginning of March, the Court that is dealing with his case ordered the end of his house arrest and the removal of the electronic anklet that had been placed on him to monitor him.

In addition, he requested that his substance use rehabilitation treatment be supervised until he was mentally fit to testify.

The magistrates allowed the suspension of the oral argument for the crime of Cristian Massimiliano Diaz (36)whereas Álvarez is not in the mental condition to face an oral debate.

This does not exonerate the cause that the singer faces. The Justice has ordered that there be quarterly reports to know the evolution of Pity’s health and to establish whether he can be tried at some point for the crime of “simple murder”, which carries a sentence of between 8 and 25 years in prison .

Source: Clarin

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