The details of “Love after love”, the Netflix series about Fito Páez: the cast and the release date

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Netflix announced the release date of Love after lovethe series based on the life of fit countryfor April 26.

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Produced by Juan Pablo Kolodziej and Mariano Chihade de mandarin Contentsthe new series made in Argentina will travel 30 years of history and the universe of the famous Argentine musician, songwriter, composer and director, crossed by pain, loss, tragedy, successes, failures, excesses, love and many songs.

With eight episodes, Love after love is the protagonist Gaspar Offhenden AND Ivos Hochmanwho in the series will personify Fito respectively as a child and as an adult.

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Micaela Riera will be Fabiana Cantilo in "Love after love", the series about Fito Páez on Netflix.

Micaela Riera will be Fabiana Cantilo in “Love after love”, the series about Fito Páez on Netflix.

Legends of Argentine rock will also be recognized in the series played by: Micaela Riera (as Fabiana Cantilo), Andy Chango (as Charly Garcia), Julian Kartun (as Luis Alberto Spinetta)Daryna Butryk (as Cecilia Roth) e Joaquín Baglietto (as Juan Carlos Baglietto). In addition, the cast is accompanied by Martín “Campi” Campilongo (as Rodolfo Paez, Fito’s father) and Mirella Pascual (as Belia, Fito’s grandmother).

This intimate biographical series details the life and career of del Rosario, one of Argentina’s most important artists, and his musical journey alongside rock icons such as Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Juan Carlos Baglietto and others .

The series will take place, continuing with the exploitation of the brand, at Exactly 30 years since its launch of the best-selling album in national rock history.

In a double strategy, the series coincides with the magical tour of the best-selling album in Argentine history, having announced a show in Vélez for April 1st, another in Mar del Plata for the 7th of the same month, concerts in Buenos Aires , in Córdoba, in his native Rosario, New York, Orlando, Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​​​Venezuela, Montevideo and even Santiago de Chile.

Andy Chango as Charly García in the series about Fito Páez.

Andy Chango as Charly García in the series about Fito Páez.

What does it mean Love after love? The title of the masterpiece is said to speak of the arrival of a shining moment after a dark period, in this case, the end of his relationship with Fabiana Cantilo. The end of one love is the beginning of another.

According to the data collected by the reporter Marcelo Fernández Bitardownloaded in his book 50 years of rock in Argentina, the Páez nameplate sold 30,000 copies in two days and another 20,000 in one week. Fito filled the Gran Rex theater ten times over and, by the end of the year, had sold 175,000 units.

Midway through the 1993 tour, Fito was the record man and in that context he was given thequadruple platinum and the Association of Entertainment Chroniclers (ACE) awarded it wholesale in three categories: Best Video Clip, Best Rock Song (for tombs of glory) and Best Rock Solo Album.

That 1993 was Páez’s year: he performed 120 shows, including two at the Vélez stadium, where he brought nearly 85,000 people on April 24 and 25.

Source: Clarin

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