The drama of Gallego Méndez: “I watched the World Cup matches with my hospitalized son”

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Former footballer and DT Sebastián Gallego Méndez, was a guest of ESPN and surprised with his testimony by revealing a delicate family situation he had to face. “I had a bad time, but my son had a worse time…” said the former defender, who played for San Lorenzo, Vélez and Banfield, among other teams, as well as having a long career as a coach, which included the experience together with Diego Maradona in the Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata.

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According to Gallego, his son Santiago, 21, had a health problem that forced him to abandon his career for a while and devote himself completely to the recovery of the young man.

“I was in Mexico, my mother called me and told me I was sick. I took the first plane I could and when I arrived in Buenos Aires I was already hospitalized. That year has passed, I don’t want to go into so many details, but now it is very good, ”explained Sebastián, who in another section of the speech spoke about the importance of registering as a bone marrow donor.

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“It’s been a tough year, he’s been cured of something very messed up. It’s a blessing. You often think ‘why did this happen to my son’ and something much worse could have happened to him. He’s been able to heal, there’s no other way to look at it. You can’t live complaining. When you see him fighting with everything, you have no choice but to accompany him, my son is a beast and you have to accompany him,” Gallego said, a little thinner as he later acknowledged .

Méndez was managing Tijuana when he traveled to Buenos Aires to accompany his son. The son’s last hospitalization lasted “a month and a half” and took place in the middle of the World Cup in Qatar.

This is how Gallego told it, moving everyone in the ESPN room: “I loved Argentina, I lived it with him, it was wonderful. When he made his debut against Saudi Arabia, he was hospitalized in Favaloro, and we ended up in see the World Cup match at his mother’s house, with him. Happiness… Do you know how nice it is to see him shout ‘come on as champion’? If you are moved by seeing the players. For me this was the most beautiful World Cup, but not for him for something And if we had lost the final I would have celebrated anyway, I didn’t care at all.”

“In my mind, I thought the national team players had given him a gift,” added the coach. “It was a remedy to see the Selection,” agreed Méndez with Pollo Vignolo, director of the cycle. And he completed: “If the players knew the stories behind them, the joys they give to people …”.

Source: Clarin

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