Facundo Ambrosioni defended himself after Morena Rial’s accusations

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A new scandal broke out around Morena Rial. After the daughter of George Rial reveal that his house was broken into and hold his ex responsible, Facundo Ambrosionispoke in the afternoon (America, Monday-Friday at 3:45pm) and provided his version of events.

First, the footballer posted a disclaimer on his Instagram account. There he assured that it was not the first time that Morena’s house, located in Córdoba, had been searched and declared that they are collecting signatures to remove her from the neighborhood where he lives.

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“In case you didn’t know, It’s not the first time there’s been a raid on that address. In the Causana neighborhood they are collecting signatures to get her out of the neighborhood,” Ambrosioni wrote on the aforementioned social network.

The release of Facundo Ambrosioni.  Instagram.

The release of Facundo Ambrosioni. Instagram.
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Since he lives there, houses were broken into three times (many coincidences). All the evidence has been in court for some time (video, capture, audio) of a robbery by Ms. Rial,” he continued.

And he condemned: “They don’t make a raid just because. Don’t want to cover the sun with your hand.”

A few minutes later and after Alessandro CipollaMorena’s lawyer will take care of this the young man broke a finger in his middle fingerthe Cordovan athlete aired in the program he hosts Karina Mazzocco and addressed to the mother of her child.

“There is nothing that covers. I’ve been trying to pass food to my son for a year, I’ve had mediations and the other party hasn’t shown up. By theme food, visit regime. I’m fighting for my son to go to school because he hasn’t started,” Ambrosioni explained in a telephone communication with the cycle of America.

Ambrosioni defended himself against Morena Rial.  Catch TV.

Ambrosioni defended himself against Morena Rial. Catch TV.

“It’s all in the courts, my lawyers are behind this,” she said.

Furthermore, Facundo assured that, although he does not pay a fee for food, he always sees his son and that last Sunday was the last time he saw him.

“I give my son all the samples, I want to set a food quota but they don’t show up on the other side”discussion.

And he explained: “My lawyers won’t let me give money. What I give him is food, I take him to the doctor, I buy him the diapers he needs, I take him to school, I pay him for school.”

When asked how he meets his son, Facundo clarified that he has no relationship with Morena.

Morena Rial was shown in her nets with a broken finger.  Catch TV.

Morena Rial was shown in her nets with a broken finger. Catch TV.

“I communicate with my lawyer, my girlfriend is the one who will look for my son, I don’t approach Morena’s side directly because there is a false complaint,” replied the interviewee, although he clarified that he has no restrictions.

Subsequently, the footballer clarified that by “false complaint” he was referring to More’s broken finger and stressed that he had not seen his ex that day.

“I allegedly broke his finger, I was on the field that day. I looked for my son on Tuesday and she reported that I broke my finger on Friday, I did not look for my son that day,” she complained.

Morena Rial’s post that generated controversy

in the last hours Morena Rial surprised with a strong statement he made on his Instagram account. THE influencerswho accumulates more than a million followers, has revealed that he broke into his home, located in Córdoba, and blamed it on his ex and father of his child, Facundo Ambrosioni.

When your ex is a hitter, a manipulator and on top of that he buys stolen things. And they want to blame their child’s mother and expose the child to a strip search…How low do we fall…,” More wrote.

Morena Rial treated her ex like a hitter and manipulator.  Instagram.

Morena Rial treated her ex like a hitter and manipulator. Instagram.

And he condemned: “Negative raid on my life. Oh boy, how many times have I saved your ass… this time I’m going for it all.”

While the media didn’t provide any further details, he did share a story from his lawyer, Alessandro Cipolla. “Shame on the actions of the justice of Córdoba! They are waiting for something more serious to happen in More Rial,” wrote the lawyer.

Source: Clarin

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