Soledad Aquino sells part of her dressing room and also offers products from Mica Tinelli and Guillermina Valdes

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Inspired by anama ferreirawho announced this week that she would be selling her clothes at an American fair, loneliness aquinas She said she’s put some of her wardrobe up for sale.

It all started when intruders (America, Mon-Fri 1:30 p.m.) he mentioned The famous who decide to exchange their possessionsan increasingly fashionable trend.

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Nancy Duraa panelist on the America program, said the ex-wife of Marcello Tinelli and mother of his two eldest daughters, she offered some of her possessions through a well-known platform.

But he also underlined that there is a particularity: among the products he sells there are Geneva bags, his daughter’s clothing line, Not Tinelliand shoes from the brand of Guillermina Valdeswho has been in a relationship for a decade with the chauffeur of the Dancing for a dream (The Thirteen).

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The clothes and accessories that Soledad Aquino sells.  Catch TV.

The clothes and accessories that Soledad Aquino sells. Catch TV.

Anamá Ferreira was an inspiration, because although there were already many women doing these things in the Argentine show business, she was inspired by Sole Aquino. We found out about Sole through the platform Facebook Markethe sold products from his daughter’s Geneva line,” Duré summarized in the cycle he leads Headquarters flower.

The journalist reported that she contacted the media, recently involved in a media scandal with Cande Tinelli, to ask her about the sale of clothing and she replied through an audio explaining the situation.

In conversation with Nancy, Aquino, who was also the victim of a scam this week, assured him Every time she goes to one of her daughter’s shops, she is tempted and gets clothes that she won’t wear later. That’s why he decided to sell them for much less than what they actually cost in any store.

Aquino sells used clothing through an online platform.  Catch TV.

Aquino sells used clothing through an online platform. Catch TV.

“These are things that I didn’t preview. Since sometimes I go to “Geneva” and I’m tempted, It can’t be that I have six “Geneva” wallets, other than the ones I use,” Soledad argued.

And he continued: “O I have three jeans in those widths that are so much fabric and I’m more used to leggings, chupines”.

The clothes and accessories that Soledad Aquino sells.  Catch TV.

The clothes and accessories that Soledad Aquino sells. Catch TV.

There are Guillermina Valdés products that I have never used. Why do I have things here that I don’t use or don’t use?” Soledad analyzed.

I have about 50 pairs of shoes, why am I hoarding? Because I go to ‘Geneva’ and take, I’m tempted, because I don’t pay them. Then I say, why did I take out three wallets?” she attacked. Though he clarified, “I still don’t take out much, I’m moving, I’m moving,” she said.

Mica Tinelli's mother sells her daughter's branded products.  Catch TV.

Mica Tinelli’s mother sells her daughter’s branded products. Catch TV.

Anamá Ferreira has set a trend

It should be remembered that this came to light this week Anamá Ferrerira organized a great American fair in which he offered exclusive designs from international brands and renowned designers for sale.

“There are more than 600 items of clothing and 400 pairs of shoes”said the former model in dialogue with BEE! (America, Monday to Friday at 10.30am).

Then he developed: “I’m selling everything because I’ve accomplished something very important: I am a compulsive hoarder. All these clothes that are here were hanging in my house, there were clothes from the year ’78, from the year ’80, that I don’t wear, so I put it all together.”

“I ordered a lot of cleaning. Everything is impeccable and there is a lot of unused stuff,” the entrepreneur clarified.

Source: Clarin

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