El Negro González Oro met Marcelo Longobardi: he said he “believed in it” and recommended “a psychiatrist”

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True to his verbose style, Oscar Gonzalez Gold harshly criticized this Friday Marcello Longobardi: he assured that the journalist “believed it” and it recommended “a psychologist or psychiatrist.”

in dialogue with Continental RadioHe black gold he said he was headed to Buenos Aires because he has to film several programs for The observerthe Uruguayan site where he works: “I go to interview Baby Etchecopar, (Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta, Wado de Pedro, Luis Novaresio and my memory ran out.”

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and the Lombards, who’s back on the radio, won’t you interview him? He’s going to compete with your friend Feinmann», they had asked him, referring to the arrival of Longobardi at Radio Rivadavia, where he will host a program that will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, from 6 to 10, and which will have its first program on Monday 27 March.

Bluntly, he lashed out: “No. It seems to me that Longo has overturned. She retired and then appeared on CNN, which I respect a lot but as television. CNN is not synonymous with radio, no one knows what quadrant it is on, not even me who has been working in the medium for 40 years. he was wrong“.

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Marcelo Longobardi will host the first morning episode on Radio Rivadavia.

Marcelo Longobardi will host the first morning episode on Radio Rivadavia.

“He always walked away with a Miter scandal, with a CNN scandal. I don’t know what Longo has, but I’m betting on Feinmann, obviously. Longo believed it. People don’t look for drivers to see what radius they are in. People pick a radio and the drivers that are on it,” she considered.

Finally he ruled: “He went to live in Miami, now he’s back to live in Argentina. I will recommend a psychologist or psychiatrist.”

El Negro González Oro: “Argentina looks worse from the outside”

Negro González Oro lived in Uruguay for a long time. This is why they asked him if, from the outside, Argentina “looks better”. Far from giving a positive answer, he was honest: “The country looks worse from the outside, it looks bad. It is a country without a government, why today there is no government in Argentina. I don’t know what happened to us.”

As for which referent of Together for change supports ahead of the 2023 presidential election, he said: “First they have to agree who will be the candidate, because Bullrich is fighting with Mauricio (Macri), Mauricio with Larreta, Larreta with Santilli. Everyone wants to be the only one“.

El Negro González Oro: "L

El Negro González Oro: “Argentina looks worse from the outside”

“Let them stop joking, because the opposition is also responsible for this,” he said.

Finally he closed: “For me today there are two candidates: Mauricio Macri and Cristina Kirchner. Everything else is flat, mediocre. It will be a river mouth. They don’t want to play with him because the polls don’t guarantee the result.”

Source: Clarin

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