San Isidro Received Massive Lollapalooza Again, Started with 100,000 People

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For the eighth year, but not consecutive due to the pandemic, The Lollapalooza Argentina festival was once again held on the immense property of the San Isidro Racecourse. And once again got off to a spectacular start, with 100 thousand people running out of locations and arriving slowly but steadily from noon.

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The arrival of the people risked suffering problems and inconvenience due to the unexpected blockage of transport, but after a few hours it was resolved and did not affect the journey of the fans who had purchased their tickets months in advance, even before the list of artists .

The arrival of people at the first date of the Lollapalooza Argentina 2023 festival. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

The arrival of people at the first date of the Lollapalooza Argentina 2023 festival. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández
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As far as decentralization is concerned, once again it has been foreseen that the Miter line of Trenes Argentinos will operate until 2:30 in the morning with final destination Belgrano C.

Thousands of Lollapalooza Festival fans arrived at the San Isidro del Miter Ramal Tigre train station, which had reinforcement lineups for the festival.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Thousands of Lollapalooza Festival fans arrived at the San Isidro del Miter Ramal Tigre train station, which had reinforcement lineups for the festival. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

A multiple experience

Lollapalooza has managed to become synonymous with an experience that goes far beyond the succession of musical numbers of different styles. It is a space that allows you to choose what to do, what to see… or simply let yourself be carried away by your intuition.

There are four large and well separated stages and also a children’s section (“Kidpalooza”) with specially selected shows. There’s also a wide variety of food options, many brand activations (each with their own appeal), a large merchandise store and very welcome hydration stands. And throughout the property there are several artistic installations that become “selfie spots”.

Sun and non-stop music

Nani was the first voice to play on the stages of Lollapalooza Argentina 2023. Got up to the Flow at 12:15 and started the day. She has recently been cast as support by Ricardo Montaner and rocker LP. Here she sang her own songs and even surprised with a great version of (You make me feel like) A natural womana Carole King classic popularized by Aretha Franklin.

almost an hour later, Guillermo Beresñak opened the Alternative scenario. Musician from the west of Greater Buenos Aires, with a long career and also recognized for his work as a producer, he gave a powerful show when the first hundreds of fans were already around the Hippodrome. He presented songs from his new album, Hummocksthe eighth of his solo career.

The intense heat didn’t stop festival early risers from gathering at the Flow Stage for the singer’s enticing cocktail of neo soul and R&B An Espil. Accompanied by a “bandon” (sic)his show at Lolla was the formal premiere of your sidewalk, his new single. She left with an ovation just before 2pm.

Your poison was the opening song for the set of Silvestre and the Orange on the Flow Stage, while peace Carrara did its thing, concurrently, in the Alternative. Two episodes on the author’s pop song with a good response from the public.

Peace, for your new song Even if I never tell you he invited Santi Celli to interpret it together. By this point of the day, around 2.30pm, each stage already had more than 2,000 people ready to put up with the heat and enjoy the long day of music.

Pattinson’s girlfriend and Dante’s surprise

Model, actress, photographer and singer – it’s clear what Suki Waterhouse it is multidisciplinary. In fact, she can be seen showing off in the recent Amazon Prime series Daisy Jones and the six. “Thank you so much, it’s my first show at Lollapalooza!” She said, and little by little she conquered people with her dream pop her and that beauty that even Robert Pattinson fell in love with. “I love you!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been dreaming about it for years,” she said happily in the middle of the first few songs of her set.

Dante Spinetta, dressed in purple in a nod/tribute to Prince, he said: “Everybody put your hands up…!” and so it was that he immediately harangued the audience who stoically tolerated the four o’clock sun. The response was immediate membership.

The backing band carries funk in its soul, and there is no shortage of incendiary guitar solos. Already in the second song calm came and together with his daughter Alma did Forget it.

“The owner of rap in Argentina”. So introduced Dante Thunderand together they performed a pyrotechnic version of SudakaFrom Sweet tablethe last work of the former Kuryaki.

immediately followed Cold, from IKV, which got everyone moving ditto. The theme he showedafter a shoe inside Funky Warrior who brought him to the catwalk with a Funkadelic guitar solo closed a hot concert, because – as Dante himself said at one point – “The heat is fought with more heat”.

Less sun, more fresh air

The 17:00 to 19:00 section featured Norwegian variety show Aurora on the Samsung stage, Korean k-pop band The Rose on the Alternative and Swedish Tove Lo to the Flow with its effective and infectious danceable synth pop. While his proposition wasn’t out of place before sunset, his music fares best with night and clubbing.

However, his “wiggles” were very well received by the crowd, even though many started lining up at Samsung to wait for the start of the Thunder. Her set ended with her in a leotard, like a real one dancing queen.

Thunder at Lollapalooza 2023. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

Thunder at Lollapalooza 2023. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

The rapper from La Boca had, up to that point, the biggest attendance of the festival, sure 50 thousand people. Right at the start, a tirade that ended with the line, “I’m Diego’s mouthpiece” hooked And what I want is for you to walk without land from Catupecu Machu, to the delight of all, in a show that had no respite for him or the audience.

Closing this edition, Chano took to the Flow stage, in another sign of his near-miraculous recovery, just days after being admitted to intensive care. And the closing numbers were still missing: Rosalía, Drake, Cigarettes after sex and the DJ Armin van Buuren at midnight.

Source: Clarin

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