Rusherking told the truth about fake marriage to La China Suárez and whitewashed: ‘I’d like to get married sometime’

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hasty It was inside Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sunday at 11:30) and failed to have recorded a video clip with his partner, Eugenia La China Suarezin which they represented a wedding, which led many to think that the singer and the actress had taken another step in their relationship.

In dialogue with Jey Mammón and Jésica Cirio, the singer from Santiago responded to the rumors: “No, no… if I get married, the first ones I invite are you”The musician joked with the drivers.

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And then he stated: “I would like to get married sometime in my life.”

“My friends were there, my mom, her mom…”, he added of the “fake marriage” they represented for what will be the first collaboration between Rusherking and La China Suárez, which in 2022 is back with the his solo career and recently released a song with El Polaco, called He doesn’t want to see you anymore.

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Rusherking spoke about his love for La China Suárez in "La peña de Morfi".  Catch TV.

Rusherking spoke about his love for La China Suárez in “La peña de Morfi”. Catch TV.

The truth is that the couple asked their friends to upload several photos of the recording to the network, but without clarifying that it was a video clip, which generated a lot of controversy and the rumor of a possible marriage, which they also wanted. to increase the promotion of the theme to be released.

“Would you like to have little Rusher?” Jey asked. “No, stop… Stop thinking about that nonsense…” Rusherking dodged, who then explained how he had prepared the special gift he had given to his partner for his 31st birthday.

“I gave it to her because it was her first birthday that we were spending together. I saw it as an act of love. Some time ago she told me that she liked that car and that she wanted to buy it for her. Don’t don’t ask me,” she said.

“I said ‘I have to break it on the first birthday’. And I bought it for him”condemned the singer, referring to a luxurious convertible.

“The gift was good. I bought it with a touch. I drew it green and put the giant bow on it. I put ‘giant bow’ on Mercado Libre. And it came to touch. And I put it with Silvi, my manager,” explained the musician, who will be presented at the Movistar Arena on March 24.

The gift arrived with a special dedication

“Happy birthday to my beautiful partner”wrote Thomas Nicolás Tobar, which is the real name of the singer, in the publication that he shared together with the special gift he gave to La China Suárez.

It is a Volkswagen New Beetle, model year 2006. The price is about seven and a half million pesos.

“I love you very much and I’m happy to have you in my life, you deserve all the best in this world”Be honest.

China Suárez and the Gift of Rusherking.

China Suárez and the Gift of Rusherking.

And Rusherking closed: “Today we celebrate with fernecito”.


Source: Clarin

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