Zoe Hochbaum: ‘Sometimes I feel like I’ve already lived many lives’

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He is only 23 years old, but given his many facets, zoe hochbaum She looks like a Renaissance creator. As a child she began studying theater. He then attended the prestigious Lee Strasberg Schoolin New York and continued to improve with courses in dance, singing, screenwriting and writing.

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He has participated in films such as Absurd, Jara’s cracks, In the viewfinder and previews suffocateda story about how routine affects love relationships, where it shares the bill with Leonardo Sbaraglia, Julieta Diaz and Marco Antonio Caponi. As if that weren’t enough, it’s in post-production Cape Poloniuswhich has its own script, directed by Nicolás Gil Lavedraand the actresses Carmen Maura and Sofia Gala Castiglione as cast mates.

In 2020 he took advantage of the lockdown due to the pandemic and wrote monstroushis first book with stories that they investigate the fantastic. The next literary work of him is My last Uruguayan sunsetwhere he refers to his new phase of life in the neighboring country.

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She defines herself as an interdisciplinary artist, vegan and advocate for women's rights.  German photo Garcia Adrasti

She defines herself as an interdisciplinary artist, vegan and advocate for women’s rights. German photo Garcia Adrasti

Also, inside infobaesigns an opinion column on topics such as the right to a dignified life, the dictatorship of beauty ideals, cell phone addiction or humor on social networks. She defines herself as an interdisciplinary artist, vegan and advocate for women’s rights. Very well prepared for the interview, she is warm, talkative, outspoken and friendly.w

How did the project come to you? suffocated?

From screenwriter Alex Kahanoff, who called me about the character of Cleo. When they told me the cast, I couldn’t believe it. To work with people like Leo, Julieta and Marco who are amazing partners. All the while they were at the mercy of whether she needed advice. Contribute generously.

They never underestimated me because of my age or my short career and that made me do better being in an environment of freedom. Cinema is a team effort, a big cog, it’s like yenga, if you take off a piece of it everything falls apart.

For example?

We thought a lot with Marco so that the couple we played wasn’t stereotyped due to the age difference. I have been in a relationship for seven years with a guy who is twenty years older than me. I say this, not to talk about it now, but to show that I knew something about this type of relationship. (laughs).

With Juli, in the script we hated each other and there was a bit of envy. We proposed the opposite, that they are two women who love each other and empower each other.

With an experience as varied as you already have, the question would be, in what aspect do you feel like a fish in water?

It’s a very interesting question. There really isn’t a single thing that identifies me more, but it’s like in stages. Before my whole life was my acting career. Now I feel there is something more flexible that allows me to be so many things. In that flexibility I feel comfortable.

Directed by Luciano Podcaminsky, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Julieta Díaz tell a story about the crisis of a marriage and love at the age of 40.

Directed by Luciano Podcaminsky, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Julieta Díaz tell a story about the crisis of a marriage and love at the age of 40.

I can spend a season writing, others I really miss acting. That facet also makes you appreciate each area and each moment more. Because when I’m not transiting it, I miss it. It’s like experiencing the best of different worlds.

Why this need to express yourself through acting or writing?

I had a great desire to tell stories that could be mine or invented. Then I started to understand that I could work and live on it. In the beginning it was just a game and the interesting thing is when it becomes something professional and becomes a source of work, without losing that innocent part of the game. Since I was a girl I liked to express myself and I felt I had something to tell.

What was that girl like?

I’ve always been very outgoing and when we were with family, I said: I’ll do a show for you. It was she who wanted to brighten up her birthday. With one of my best friends since childhood, we used to play parties. Imagine the level of dementia she had! (laughs). I wanted to assemble, organize the event. I really enjoyed the game myself. Not so much with dolls but using my body to interact with people.

There was something inside that wanted to get out quickly… Always. I have always enjoyed talking and listening. If my brother, who is seven years older, went out with his friends, I was present in the conversation.

If my old man had a meeting, he’d take me with him to work. At dinner I never sat at the kids’ table but with the adults. I have never felt the distance to talk to anyone, big or small.

"At dinner I never sat at the children

“At dinner I never sat at the children’s table but with the adults. I never felt the distance of talking to someone, bigger or smaller.” German photo Garcia Adrasti

You are taurine and they say that a characteristic is stubbornness… Exactly! I think that also helped me a lot to follow my dreams. Thinking: I want to do this and nothing will stop me. I will do it until the end, however and as I can. Of course, I never expected to accomplish everything that has happened to me so far.

Sometimes it seems to me that I have lived many lives. I started very young, which made me grow up quickly. In turn, perseverance and necessity made me concrete and not firm.

Any family mandates?

Living in an art-related family, I’ve always felt that there was a precious mattress to begin with. My mother was a dancer and my father is media related, although my brother is a lawyer. One of my grandmothers ran the IFT theater school. Sucking up everything she made me see the good and the bad or the complex of the profession. But that it was possible and not so distant or impossible.

You have to chase your dreams and do what is humanly possible to make them come true… Here! Give everything and above all, believe in yourself. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. If you don’t trust what you do, you don’t feel you have something to contribute and tell, it’s harder to try.

Before the pandemic I started writing a book because I had something to tell. When I go on stage it can happen whether or not the viewer likes it because you are not perfect and you get better as you grow and learn in the field. We all have insecurities -me, millions-, but the fundamental thing is to think that what I’m about to do will be true. If I don’t trust, no one will do it for me.

“A million insecurities,” you say. A?

I have thousands…

A defect?

I am quite intolerant and have little patience. For example, such a trivial thing as a quarrel, I can’t stand it. I’ve left seats because I can’t stand the wait. It’s something I’m correcting in therapy.

Leonardo Sbaraglia, Julieta Díaz, Zoe Hochbaum and Marco Antonio Caponi lead the cast of "Asphyxiated".

Leonardo Sbaraglia, Julieta Díaz, Zoe Hochbaum and Marco Antonio Caponi lead the cast of “Asphyxiated”.

A virtue?

I am a very good friend, very faithful. For my friends I give you my kidney, a lung or whatever you need. That also means, very Taurus, that if they hurt me, there’s no going back. Intolerance makes it difficult for me to find certain greys. If you lie to me, there’s no going back, I feel like something’s broken. It’s very difficult for me to be more permeable, even though I’m working on it.

How do you see the situation of women in today’s society?

I am thrilled to be in this moment. Live it and be an accomplice of the change, contributing with my grain of sand. It is a crucial moment because many rights have been won and we have achieved a lot by taking to the streets. The first wave of Not one less It was something transcendental in my life. But changes are not overnight.

Rates of rape, femicide, gender-based and family violence continue to rise. All that we have achieved must not relax us. We must go for greater recognition of rights and continue to talk about what happens to us. The hardest thing is the change of mentality.

Source: Clarin

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