Forced release of Karina La Princesita in her networks: ‘I’m not drunk or stupid’

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after his unexpected statements In Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sunday at 11:30) on his presentation on April 15 at the Opera House, Karina the little princess He posted a strong disclaimer on his social networks and clarified: “I’m not drunk and I’m not stupid.”

It all started with the singer’s visit to the cycle hosted by jey mammon AND jessica cirio Last Sunday. There, she promoted her her show next month and warned: “Do not go!!”.

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“It’s the first time an artist has said ‘don’t go'”Jey interrupted him, visibly surprised. To which he added, “It’s a very special show just for the loyal followers of the beginning because I’m not going to lying heart neither with the same coin neither Out or whatever they want to hear.”

And he explained: “I will only do old songs that only most followers know. That’s why at the Opera they want me to add another date and I said ‘no, it’s a special show and I will do one performance with songs that will be boring for people who have signed up now’. So to them: don’t go.”

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The famous artist was this Sunday in La Peña de Morfi.  Television capture

The famous artist was this Sunday in La Peña de Morfi. Television capture

“Shut up”Mammon asked through laughter. “No, I’m so, very true to what I hear… it’s the truth, I won’t lie and in the Back Room (where it will be presented in May) it’s acoustic, slow, SO If you want cumbia, don’t even go…“, added the singer.

His sayings generated a unusual shock among his fans and viewers of Rock of Morphi. For this reason, hours later, the famous character of the tropical movement turned to his account Chirping to share a long statement.

“I feel an obligation to tell the truth, especially if it’s not free”she began by saying in response to a follower who congratulated her on clarifying her upcoming show’s repertoire.

And he continued in another message: “People think I want to be funny but I’m very sincere. Can you imagine paying admission and wanting to hear the famous songs and not do them? If I don’t tell, it’s cheating! So yeah, it may sound funny or silly, but I’ll say it again.”

One of Karina's first messages clarifying her sayings.

One of Karina’s first messages clarifying her sayings.

“I’ve read a lot of comments, but they’re still important. ‘What’s wrong with her talking like that about her show, is she an idiot?’ NO! I am frank and do not sell mailboxes. I desperately don’t want to sell tickets by deception. It’s not alcohol and I’m not stupid. Mine is called love and respect for the public,” he said in another tweet.

And he went on to say: “If the most popular songs won’t play at the April 15th show, I feel compelled to say so and you, from there, choose whether to go or not. I do it out of love and respect, not out of desperation. And a last tweet follows…”.

“The same in La Trastienda on May 16 and 17. I don’t feel like just saying ‘come, it will be fantastic’, which is true, without notifying you first we don’t do cumbiaWhich ones are they covers of my songs and covers of other artistscool bar, just to sell you a ticket,” he added in another message.

The forced release of the little princess.

The forced release of the little princess.

And he closed: “I wanted to clarify it. My sincerity always comes first. That’s how I am. I know it’s strange to hear it said, but I’m not drunk or stupid as I read there. It’s called honesty even though it’s scarce these days. At the end of the year I close in a big way and there yes, resist. I love”.

Source: Clarin

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