Wanda Nara in MasterChef: Does the driver’s apron fit her or is it too big?

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Come back MasterChefy, with the new edition, Wanda Nara’s debut as a presenter has also arrived, on the Telefe screen no less. The expectation was great because, although the entrepreneur behaves like a fish in water in front of the media, Another very different thing is to adapt to an already installed and successful format.which implies a great responsibility.

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But, without a doubt, Wanda’s debut has been corrected, without colliding with the program log which, in this new edition, goes back to its origins with non-famous participants and with Damián Betular, Donato de Santis and Germán Martitegui as the three chefs evaluating the aspiring starred chefs.

The rating accompanied the premiere of the program and of Wanda in her new role, media 20.7 points, clinching its spot and ranking as the second most watched of the day, behind Big Brother. A good omen to start the season.

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Wanda showed a lot of empathy with the participants and their families.  Photo: press.

Wanda showed a lot of empathy with the participants and their families. Photo: press.

Since 2014 on Argentine television, master chef It already comes with its own formula, in which the three chefs, with their feedback, are the protagonists of the program and the participants seek their place, distinguishing themselves with each dish which allows them to advance in the competition, while revealing their life stories. .

A role that has its own recipe

In this sense, any conductor or conductor has a limited role to unite the parts, to be a common thread between them and contribute their share of containment in the face of anxiety or nerves of the participants or a certain malice, since any moment permits… It was the case of Santiago del Moro, responsible for the previous editions and now responsible for Big Brother.

In this sense, Wanda has adapted to that scheme and her figure has occupied the corresponding place. Even the emotion, which always accompanies the development of cooking with dishes that awaken family memories or stories of fatigue and resilience, was also present, even if without exaggeration. Is that everything is just beginning and there are many recipes ahead.

Wanda Nara, in her debut at the helm of MasterChef, Photo: Prensa Telefe.

Wanda Nara, in her debut at the helm of MasterChef, Photo: Prensa Telefe.

The new presenter also accompanied, with emotion, both the participants and their families who were waiting for a result to find out if their loved ones had a guaranteed place in this edition. Only in a few days will the strongest competition begin.

To Vanda she was seen a little more restrained than one might imagine, but it’s probably prudence, on her part, until she feels more secure and consolidated in the role. You have logic. Her black suit, sexy but understated, according to her new brunette lookalso added to that effect.

Last year we had seen Wanda as one of the “investigators” of the cycle Who is the mask? that Natalia Oreiro was driving. Then, Nara shared a panel with Lizy Tagliani, Karina The Little Princess and Roberto Moldavsky. Over there she seemed more relaxed and even a little overwhelmed at times. But the role of him came through by giving it a “spicy” and lighthearted share, and the format allowed for that.

Now, with a shared responsibility and with a focus far from controversy (apart from a few crossovers that never fail between a participant and one of the chefs regarding any preparation), Wanda is looking for a place as host, with her own identity.

One we all know

It takes some time, but she doesn’t lack the tools: he has spontaneity, sympathy and knows how to reach the public by connecting with personal storieswhich is an advantage in this event, where the participants are amateurs and not celebrities.

She herself said that it is a major challenge and that she is learning. The fact that the format is registered also helps to refine what is missing, if necessary. This passes masterchef It can be a cornerstone of your career, a before and after to make your way into the world of driving.

The first step has been taken and, beyond prejudices and tastes (someone will criticize its past exposure to the media, his slightly dissonant tone of voiceor her look, because something is always found), Wanda took the risk, showed professionalism and adjusted to what the format needs. Point for her.

Source: Clarin

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