Calu Rivero uploaded a cute video of his son Tao in his first month of life

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Used to keeping a low profile when it comes to her private life, Calú Rivero surprised on his Instagram account, where he has nearly a million followers, sharing pictures of Taothe child he had with Aito De La Rua and who has completed his first month of life.

“Tao De La Rúa Rivero Happy month of life. We love you!!!!!!”, the actress wrote in her feed, accompanying the photos. She immediately received thousands of her likes and several comments from celebrities and friends, such as Nico Vazquezwho celebrated with a little white heart and the infinity symbol.

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Also Caroline Pelleretti accompanied by a “Tao essence of love I love you!”, greeting both parents. As Nancy Duplaa, who placed a red heart as a sign of support. For her part, the actress Male Sanchez White She acknowledged that the baby image “melts me.” As Maria Carambolawhich put several emojis.

Calu Rivero shared a photo of Tao, who completed his first month of life.  instagram

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Calu Rivero shared a photo of Tao, who completed his first month of life. instagram

On the other hand, the actress added a tender video where you can see the baby’s face in close-up and a finger of Calu caressing her cheek as she says: “Hi Tao. Was it tasty? Whose mouth is it? Whose expert? My love, I love you Tao”.

The image that opens the sequence of photos is that of Tao paying close attention to what his mother is saying to him. He seems super relaxed, with the pacifier in his mouth. In two others he appears asleep, while the last photo is of Calu and Aíto, the new parents, proud and happy for the arrival of the baby.

The meaning of the name Tao

It must be remembered that the son of Calu Rivero and Aíto De La Rúa was born on February 22 of this year. A week later, the actress showed the first and only baby photo on the networks of her, where they are both seen lying down, with the baby’s head on the actress’s chest, who sports a huge smile.

Aíto De La Rúa and Calu Rivero happy with their son Tao.  instagram

Aíto De La Rúa and Calu Rivero happy with their son Tao. instagram

When the creature’s name became publicly known, many wondered about its meaning. It is of Chinese origin, comes from Taoism and represents “The Road of Life”. It is one of the most traditional in the eastern country.

While neither parent made any public statements after the birth, it was known that it was natural and so on The godparents of the creature were PR man Gustavo “Guga” Pereyraby Aito e Marou Rivero chosen by the sister.

In mid-August 2022, Calu Rivero confirmed the news of her pregnancy in THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm). As they said there, Stephanie Berardi he had the pregnancy information for a while, but she asked him to wait to tell her publicly from the beginning, he wanted to go to his city to tell his grandmother the news so that he received it from his mouth and not through the TV.

“Thank you for having the kindness and respect to ask, I’m traveling to my city for two weeks to see my grandmother and I want you to know it from me and not from the media”, replied the actress, also confirming that she would become a mother the following year.

Source: Clarin

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