The dizzying life of Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena: a fiction with its own flight, which neither divinizes nor destroys anyone

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He hires Ringo. Glory and Death, the new Star+ miniseries With its premiere on March 24, it shares the same condition as its “sister” biopics, starting from a genre that is as effective as it is exploited, it is to anticipate.

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Is that the dizzying life of Oscar Natalio Bonavena, legend of Argentine boxing and popular figure turned myth, rather functions as the anchor of a project which, with high-end quality, manages to renew the streaming catalog with more than one trump card.

That’s why it is necessary to dive and not even too much – just watch the first episode of seven – to understand it the story, beyond the figure of Bonavena and his mixture of facets, has its own flight.

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Technically ambitious, the almost cinematic effect between takes is the first knockout of a series visually flawlesswhich does not seek rigorous historical fidelity -although it achieves it- as a formula for success.

In the gym.  Jerónimo Bosia, as Bonavena, in "Ringo. Glory and death".  Photo: Stella +

In the gym. Jerónimo Bosia, as Bonavena, in “Ringo. Glory and death”. Photo: Stella +

front to back

The story begins from beginning to end, bringing drama to the fore. Almost anticipating that what will happen in the next 50 minutes (the first chapter is considerably longer than the rest) will not be – at all – a light drink.

In this fictitious ring the blows are shown in the front row, with a montage at the level of the fights, but also a dramatic context that supports it. With a majority of young actors and the celebrity of prominent personalities such as Pablo Rago or the deceased maria onetto -which received spontaneous applause during the premiere in a packed Luna Park- confirms another great success: the casting.

Without double protagonists, due to Jerónimo Bosia’s previous preparation in contact sports, a skill is appreciated that not only adapts him to measure in the ring. Behind the creation of Bosia, a millennial Bonavena with traced features, there is coaching, vocal work with an English accent and even an approach to singing to record the sample piece in the studio.

Jerónimo Bosia interprets the different facets of Oscar Bonavena, in "Ringo. Glory and Death".  Photo Star +

Jerónimo Bosia interprets the different facets of Oscar Bonavena, in “Ringo. Glory and Death”. Photo Star +

The crossed timelines, punctuated by graphs or details of the time, infuse dynamism into a thriller that goes from the action of the mafia gang and behind-the-scenes, to the intimacy of a married couple which is completed by the figure of Delphine Chavesconfirmed to play Máxima Zorreguieta in her first series and, at this point, with a master’s degree in period fiction.

Behind what is seen – and what is not – is the eye of its director, Nicolás Pérez Veiga. A sort of conductor, who made musicality (sometimes the music that the viewer hears is the one that the actors heard on the set) a vital part of the scenes.

How to go far without travelling

The setting with expertly recreated places in Argentina is another glory. As if the lack of miles (the US has never been driven at any point) doubled the bet even more. Look images of the Avellaneda neighborhood that simulate the Big Apple or the run-down Mustang Ranch registered inside a Retiro hotel.

With more or less licenses, in Ringo. glory and death no one is deified or destroyed. You don’t even look for the easy impact. Bonavena’s story, supported by a climate of permanent thriller, is at the service of fiction and does not need it. And that, in times of massive audiovisual offer but not always with content, is appreciated.

It must be said that the world premiere was aired at Luna Park with a full audience, to frame a premiere that without so much hustle and bustle – Mirtha Legrand herself was present – would have made the same noise. Even if Ringo, absolute architect of his own destiny and architect of his own marketing, could say the opposite.

Jerónimo Bosia is in charge of embodying Bonavena in "Ringo. Glory and Death".  Photo: Stella +

Jerónimo Bosia is in charge of embodying Bonavena in “Ringo. Glory and death”. Photo: Stella +


Ringo. glory and death

Qualification: Very good

Thriller. protagonists: Jeronimo Giocondo Bosia, Delfina Chaves, Lucila Gandolfo, Thomas Grube Film script: Nicolás Pérez Veiga, Alejandro Ocón, Gabriela Larralde, Diego Palacio and Santiago Dulce Address: Nicolas Perez Veiga Problem: Seven episodes, on Star+

Source: Clarin

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