Morena Rial has been charged with a number of crimes

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As reported by the newspaper La Voz, the Investigative Prosecutor’s Office of District 2 shift 1 of the Municipality of Córdoba, in charge of Lourdes Quagliatti, accused Morena Rial of various criminal acts. He complainant is Facundo Ambrosioni, her former partner and father of her child. A few days ago, Morena described him as violent and showed photos on Instagram where she saw herself being beaten.

Morena Rial has finally fulfilled her duty to appear to testify in the case in which Ambrosioni denounced her after ignoring two previous calls from the Justice of Córdoba.

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What are the charges against Morena Rial

Morena, daughter of Jorge Rial, is accused of a series of crimes. According to the newspaper La Voz, “At the time he was under investigation for the crimes of robbery, damage and threats. for a robbery linked to an episode that took place on the night of Saturday 13 August 2022 in the area in front of a bowling alley”.

But also, he is charged with two counts of qualified theft. The accusations arise after the complaint of Facundo Ambrosioni, who claims that Morena would have robbed two mobile phone shops owned by her family.

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In particular, she is accused of being responsible for the “The theft of seven iPhone-branded mobile devices on the 15th December 2022, and 19 December 2022, taking advantage of the sentimental relationship she had with Mr. Ambrosioni and the indifference of the managers of two Ambrosioni commercial premises.

According to the complaint, Morena would have taken possession of the aforementioned cell phones and the images would have been taken by the security cameras of the shops.

In dialogue with the cycle the lizard showfrom the El Doce channel, Carlos Nayi, Facundo Ambrosioni’s lawyer, said: “The prosecutor accused a large number of criminal acts such as damage, theft, qualified theft and threats. They are tested and filmed by security cameras”.

When asked about the possible sentence Morena Rial would face if she was finally found guilty of the crimes she was charged with, the lawyer replied that they could give her a sentence of at least 6 years for the crime of robbery. And she added that, in addition, if the charges of coercion and threats are proven, another six years will be added.

Morena Rial accused her ex partner of beating her and the son they have in common

Facundo Ambrosioni said he wants to ask for custody of his son which he has with Morena Rial. Then, she accused him of being violent and showed photos of her where he is seen beating her.

Along with these images, Jorge Rial’s daughter wrote: “Signor Ambrosioni Lutri, Facundo Antonio, thug.” And he added: “It is already the third complaint of gender-based violence that this animal has, I don’t know what they expect. So my ex’s son of a thousand bitches left me, the father of my beautiful son, who turns four in 10 days and she never spent a penny on him.

Morena Rial showed photos of her being beaten and made a strong accusation.  Capture Instagram.

Morena Rial showed photos of her being beaten and made a strong accusation. Capture Instagram.

“Every time I had to get leads and trot things out so that he looked like a decent person and was psychologically fine,” Morena continued on his Instagram account. For my son I have always ended up forgiving him. Enough, you’ve made me tired, you and all the hdp around you.

In another post, she shared an image of her hugging her son and expressed, “See you in another life, heart… And two little kisses. My son will always stay with his mom because you hit him too… and I don’t continue out of respect for my son. When he is with you he wants to come back to my house, you are a lousy father and person,” he wrote.

Morena Rial attacked her son's father through his Instagram stories.

Morena Rial attacked her son’s father through his Instagram stories.

Source: Clarin

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