Incredible Tini Stoessel birthday party: billiards with De Paul and Lionel Messi as surprise guests

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On March 21, Martina “Tini” Stoessel turned 26 and celebrated it intimately with his family and closest friends. But this Friday, the singer threw an incredible birthday party, with dinner, dancing and swimming included. which had a very special guest: Lionel Messi.

Logically, the world soccer star was there to accompany his great friend, Rodrigo de Paul, companion of the artist, who was one of the great entertainers of the evening. In fact, after blowing out the candles and making wishes, De Paul took Tini by the hand and they dived into the pool together. Already in the pool, they took the opportunity to have their romantic moment and kiss for photos.

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That’s how they kicked off a fun night where there was a pool party, music, dancing and lots of good vibes. In some of the videos of the party released, Tini’s happiness can be seen, which forced almost all of her guests to dive into the water and enjoy the festivities.

In fact, De Paul can be seen helping her push those who resisted into the pool. These videos were captured by trapper Nicki Nicole, a colleague of Tini’s, who was present at her birthday and was one of the ones who shared the most intimacy of Stoessel’s celebration on her Instagram.

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Pictures from Tini Stoessel's birthday: Rodrigo de Paul pushes guests into the pool.

Pictures from Tini Stoessel’s birthday: Rodrigo de Paul pushes guests into the pool.

For his part, Messi has been there for a while and was especially seen when they sang happy birthday to Tini. But also, as happens in every club he frequents, the guests asked him for a few selfies to have that image with the best player in the world as a souvenir.

Lionel Messi was a guest at Tini's birthday.

Lionel Messi was a guest at Tini’s birthday.

Indeed, the photo that revealed that Rosario’s man was on Stoessel’s birthday was thanks to the first images of the celebration that appeared and one of them attracted attention as a guest was encouraged to ask Leo a photo in the middle of the celebration and they shared it on their social networks. “Messi on his birthday,” wrote the young man.

Also present was the champion of the Argentine national team with his wife, Antonella Rocuzzo and midfielder Leo Paredes and Paulo Dybala was also invited, with his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, among others.

A young man approached Lionel Messi on his birthday and asked for a photo.

A young man approached Lionel Messi on his birthday and asked for a photo.

The celebration took place in an important hotel in the Federal Capital, distinguished by its huge swimming pool and the musicalization of the event was also curated by the organizers of the highly acclaimed Bresh party.

Rodrigo de Paul’s message to Tini on her birthday.

Last Tuesday, Tini Stoessel held an intimate party at her home with relatives, but Rodrigo de Paul, who hours later had to fulfill a commitment with the Argentina national team, was unable to participate in the friendly played against Panama on Thursday.

However, the Atlético de Madrid midfielder did not want to be absent and sent his partner a tender post, where he shared unpublished photos of the couple and expressed all his affection.

“I know how happy you deserve, this is the moment, you are standing, standing on experience, supported by your love and full of dreams, with your conviction and your love, especially for you and who you are, what do you do and what do you give? This is the moment, your moment. The moment to enjoy everything that lies ahead. Happy birthday my love, I love you with all my heart,” wrote Camila Homs’ ex.

Source: Clarin

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